PANDEMIC Preaching @ Costco during Governors “Stay at Home Order”

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Today was the first day of California’s official ‘Stay Home’ order executed by our Governor (via Executive Order). However, he did say we could go to the “department store.”

While the State tells everyone to “Do The Five!” The Church does its five. 1. Equip, 2. Send, 3. Go, 4. Preach, 5. And make Disciples. When the Governor says we’re allowed to go to the Dept. store. Go, and preach while you’re there, or preach while your wife’s inside shopping.

For obvious reasons, I will not be uploading future videos of various outreaches during this difficult time. But here’s the kick-off video. Now that I’m using my TOA megaphone again, I will use the factory required batteries. Pray for your Heralds.

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