Progress Report / Itinerary on my Southwestern States Open-Air Preaching Tour, Spring 2014 (updated daily)

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Patriotic Warrior and soldier for Christ UPDATE MAY 6TH: To God be the glory, the trip was amazing. The progress/praise report is below this post.

As the Lord leads, my goal is to evangelize many cities throughout many states. However not to do so by utilizing post-modern forms of evangelicalism. Time is short, and life is but a vapor, so I pray to redeem the time wisely. Therefore let me first tell you what I will not be doing.

I will not be utilizing tricks, gimmicks, gadgets, skits, magic, entertainment, word games, jokes, or comedy to evangelize, and/or to draw crowds.

I don’t mean to sound contemptuous of those that do the aforementioned. But every five minutes a Christian is martyred for sharing the Gospel. Every 24 hours, 155,000 humans die (not including suicides). How dare we redact, reduce, or replace the Gospel with extra-biblical ideologies. It is my opinion that these extra-biblical ideologies are often man-centric, and if used, should be supplementary to the preaching of the Gospel. If God has called me to ‘preach’ from the Word of God, then I must preach.

One of my heroes of the faith (and mentors of evangelism) is the Apostle Paul. He said, “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ” (1 Cor 11:1). He also said, “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek” (Rom 1:16). Could you imagine Paul using the above supplemental methods of evangelism?

Now I will share with you what I will be doing (Lord willing). Orthodox Biblical evangelism does not require us to be clever with our words, or methodologies. Paul said in 1 Cor 1:17, “For Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the gospel, and not with words of eloquent wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power.” Orthodox evangelism simply publicly proclaims the glorious Gospel. By God’s grace I pray to do just that. Proclaiming the Gospel is Gospel-centric, and Christ-centric.

Lord willing I pray to be a “voice of one crying in the wilderness: “Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert a highway for our God” (Isaiah 40:3). “For this is he (John the Baptist) who was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah when he said, “The voice of one crying in the wilderness: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord; make his paths straight” (Matthew 3:3).

The public proclamation of the Gospel is understandably offensive to the world. But sadly it is either foreign or offensive to most that ‘profess’ to be Christians. Jesus said in Matthew 10:28, “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear Him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”

Thanks to those that financially support this ministry, I am able to go forth with ten thousand IPOC Gospel tracts. As well as my new high power industrial size amplification system. This will enable me to reach thousands of people, thousands of feet away, in one sitting (aka air campaigns), with a loud and clear message (as long as the user speaks clearly.)

Nowhere in the Scriptures are Christians told to wait once a year, to bring an unbeliever to a crusade. But the Scriptures do tell us to bring the crusade to them.

Lord willing this trip will include, but is not limited to ~

  • Air campaigns in populated areas throughout multiple cities (from a distance)
  • Air campaigns at large venues
  • Air campaigns at high schools
  • Utilizing signage as I walk and preach in close-quarter proximities
  • Preaching on street corners, etc.
  • Preaching in downtown inner cities
  • Preaching at market places
  • Open-air ‘topical’ sermons
  • Open-air sermons ‘thru the Bible’
  • Crying out, and calling out
  • Calling the citizens to repentance
  • ‘One-on-one’ encounters
  • Praying over many people
  • Sharing Christ at sinister locations
  • Distributing many Gospel tracts
  • Universities, and much more.

As most of you know, video editing and uploading can consume more time than the outreach itself. With that in mind, I probably won’t be uploading much video. To better accommodate you (my viewers,) below I have provided you with a calender widget. There you can navigate thru several different viewing options, hover your mouse pointer over each entry; and/or individually view the details of each entry. Or if you prefer a more conventional view, below this calender is the simple text. Bookmark this page, as the report will grow as I go (the widget has since been removed).

To avoid the appearance of boasting, the following is an abbreviated synopsis of where the Lord has been taking me, and accomplishments. Providing when I can find internet access, I will try to update the below progress report daily. I covet your prayers! I can be reached at my regular email address of or my cell (texting is turned off).

“And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” (Colossians 3:17).

Month of April:

Friday (the 11th)
London Bridge, AZ:  Herald the Gospel along the shoreline, marina & outskirts. In the eve I found a well-attended teenager party. They loved the IPOC ‘Free Ticket’ tracts.

Saturday (the 12th)
Lake Havasu: Plowed the fields at a State Park and open-air preached..

Colorado River canyon: Gained high elevation and emitted full volume air campaigns down over their into the party community. The auditory trajectories of the Gospel were heard echoing off the waters and canyon walls, with a sense of urgency to repent from their sins, and come to Christ.

City of Parker: Distributed tracts at a La Paz County Sheriffs auction. Attended their cities annual parade, and distributed tracts and shared Christ. Video can be seen here.

Followed a pack of outlaw motorcycles members on the freeway. Waited until they needed gas, then followed them to the gas station. I attempted to present the Gospel to them, but failed.

Phoenix AZ: Went to the Chase Stadium Dodgers vs Diamondbacks game. Distributed 500 tracts, cried out, and gave several open-air sermons, until security kicked me out (video here).

Sunday (the 13th)
University of Arizona: Today they had a celebration / carnival on campus. I handed out hundreds of tracts, and did some open-air preaching. Engaged is some fruitful conversations.

Tucson, AZ: I labored downtown by handing out tracts, and preaching sermons on the Biblical “Palm Sunday.”

Monday (April 14th)
Open air preached and cried out at many of their public transportation systems. At one of them, one man seemingly responded to the Gospel call. Edited video can be seen here. Also handed out many tracts to many souls.

Downtown So. Tucson: Preached on the street corners & distributed tracts.

Tuesday (April 15th)
Las Cruces, NM: Labored at the University of New Mexico. Did the same around their university community. Due to ready record breaking low temps, the rest of the city was very quiet.

El Paso, TX: Labored in their large Outlet shopping center.

Wednesday (April 16th)
Van Horn, TX: Distributed tracts downtown.

On the way out, I did an ‘air campaign’ outside a well-populated RV park, as well as a truck stop. I gave an urgent call to repentance, warning them of the judgment and wrath of God; and/or to surrender their lives to Christ as the loving Savior, rather than Christ as their Judge. As well as a call pleading Christians to remain steadfast in their faith.

Balmorhea, TX: A young lady “Kelly” responded well to a Gospel tract I gave her. My wife will send her a follow-up letter, when I get back to CA.

Junction, TX: Distributed Gospel tracts.

Thursday (April 17th)
Kerryville, TX: Distributed tracts, and engaged in ‘one on one’ conversations.

San Antonio, TX: Distributed hundreds of Gospel tracts around their historical downtown ‘River Walk,’ and open-air preached. This whole area is great for evangelism. But I found a unique fishing hole for a large venue. Soon this particular place will be packed with sheeple upstairs, downstairs, and all around. The top of this bridge will be my pulpit. In the meantime, my bait is the Gospel tracts. So far, I’ve distributed hundreds of tracts. Please pray for my message, and their hearts. A photo of my soon to be pulpit can be seen here. All glory to Him.

Friday (April 18th)
Daytime downtown San Antonio, TX: Throughout the day I labored downtown by distributing hundreds of tracts, and engaged in a couple fruitful conversations. I open-air preached many mini-sermons in front of the famous ‘Alamo.’ I also ‘cried out’ to large crowds as they incrementally gathered. I believe I was about to be arrested (I saw the police arriving). Therefore, I prematurely ended my mini-sermon, and tactically retreated (video here).  When “they learned of it and fled to Lystra and Derbe, cities of Lycaonia, and to the surrounding country, and there they continued to preach the gospel” (Acts 17:6-7).

Evening outreach: In the evening I continued to distribute hundreds of tracts, and engage in encounters at worldly venues.  The Holy Spirit is ministering mightily to people with these Gospel-centric Gospel tracts. As most did, one lady read her tract while standing in line, but she came to me and responded well to the Gospel message. I prayed for her, and over her. Cassandra gave me permission to post her response on YouTube, but I don’t feel good about that. Oftentimes these one on one encounter videos draw attention to the evangelist, or the subject; and not to the One who truly is doing the work. This woman ‘changed her mind,’ but frankly I cannot declare her born-again. I am nothing but a sower of the Great I Am’s seed. The results are His (1 Cor 3:5-6).

Saturday (April 19th)
Downtown San Antonio, TX: All day today I was able to do more open-air preaching, tract distribution, one on ones, cry-outs, ect. By Gods’ grace, I was able to herald many cry-outs from many different foot bridges. The soil was watered beforehand, with lots of prayer, and a total of approx. 3,000 solid Gospel Tracts (Over a three day period. Which included both the Law and the Gospel.) Most people were seen reading their tracts. This was a great place to evangelize. Because here in this one location, was our ‘Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the utter parts of the world’ (most English speaking). In the provided video, is an example of one of many cry-outs, from many different foot bridges (video here). Even knowing that I was shouting loudly in all of them, the Lord sustained my voice.

So far at this one location, 3,000 souls received Gospel tracts, only a few were seen on the ground. I also engaged in many one on one encounters. Some immediate results were seen, as far as a couple people seemingly responding to the Gospel call (only the Lord knows). Then there were the thousands more that heard the public proclamation of the Gospel. Thankfully I was housed in one location here, and with Wi-Fi. Therefore I was able to spend more time laboring at this location, and with my progress report.

Sunday (April 20th)
San Antonio, TX: Distributed our tracts to those entering a particularly chosen church (from the sidewalk).

Bastrop, TX: Distributed tracts at a large Roman Catholic Church (from the sidewalk). The priest was polite, but an elder, and one member (Pablo) were very angry. Pablo confiscated about 7 tracts from other congregants. However many others left with their tracts. Pablo kept saying that I was “bearing false witness,” simply for handing out tracts.

Distributed tracts at a large grocery store until I was politely asked to leave.

Paige, TX: Some dear friends of mine are housing me for a few days. What a blessing they are, and I sure love and respect them. They took me to another home, where we had awesome koinonia, and lots of great food.

Monday (April 21st)
Austin TX: University of Texas campus. I was provided with one ‘narrow’ window of opportunity. That was while their students were on the move. Therefore I distributed tracts as fast as I could, and then herald both the ‘Law and the Gospel.’ I violated my own personal policy, which is to strive to ‘ignore hecklers.’ Instead, I referred to him has I went thru Revelation 21:8. This heckler got a bit agitated with the message. One lovely Christian lady told me afterwards, that she much appreciated the proclamation of the Gospel. Some other Christians approached me, questioning my style of evangelism (open-air). However after going thru some Biblical accounts in the book of Acts, they were more understanding. A video of this message can be seen here.

I then labored in the downtown Austin area.

Since I had already been preaching in downtown Austin Texas, then briefly on the University of Texas campus, I knew I had to go to the State Capitol. I was surprised with the low number of visitors. Nonetheless I did some open-air preaching. A video of the State Capitol can be seen here.

Evening: I led a home Bible study out of the book of Hebrews.

Tuesday (April 22nd)
Bastrop, TX: This morning I was blessed to have breakfast with a friend (Joe) and his wife.

Downtown Austin, TX: Today for four hours, I sowed the Seed on the corner of 6th Street & Congress Ave. There was a high volume of pedestrian traffic. About 700 Gospel tracts were personally distributed. I did some open-air preaching, and dozens of one on ones. One lady in particular returned to discuss the tract that I previously had given to her. She broke down crying as I was sharing the Gospel with her. She had a ‘Saint Mary’ medallion on her necklace, and now realizes that Mary cannot hear her prayers, and that she was committing idolatry. The first thing she said was, “I need to find a church.” Please pray for her.

Wednesday (April 23rd)
Lincoln, TX: Distributed Gospel tracts.

Dallas, TX: I’m going to find out who shot JR. Just kidding. This old dog is tired. Unless the Lord has different plans, today will be my day of rest.

Thursday (April 24th)
Dallas, TX: I preached from the crime scene where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated (on the outside of the famous ‘6th Floor Building’). I also distributed many Gospel tracts. I did endure one minor assault from one man. A video of the JFK seen can be seen here.

Train depots: I preached at train depots in downtown Dallas. As well as distributed many Gospel tracts. I met a policewoman from Dallas PD (bicycle patrol.) She received a tract, and we exchanged business cards.

Friday (April 25th)
Downtown Dallas, TX: I labored at the train station for a while. Distributed tracts, engaged in one on ones, and gave many open-air sermons. To my surprise, two sisters from Dallas arrived and distributed tracts while I was preaching. They were surprised that I was able to preach as long as I did with amplification (Dallas PD nearby). One advised the Gospel was heard “loud and clear” from afar. Thank You Lord! I can’t tell you enough how refreshing it is, to meet Christians that support open-air preaching. These ladies loved co-laboring without squashing the gift of preaching/teaching. I have learned there are far more Christians in Texas that support open-air preaching than in California. I believe that the core of this problem in California, is that most believers compare themselves to each other (or other ministries,) rather than to Christ, and/or the Biblical characters of the Bible. If we compared ourselves to Biblical characters, we would learn that most evangelicalism, is extra-biblical, and supplemental to the high standards set forth in the Bible. The best role models (or methods) of evangelism, are those found while reading throughout the Scriptures. One of these ladies is a missionary from India. We will reunite later in heaven.

I also preached many sermons into the open air from busy street corners. Glory to the Highest.

A video compilation of crying out, calls to repentance & street preaching in Dallas Texas can be seen here.

Saturday (April 26th)
Downtown Dallas, TX: I am very cautious in giving these praise reports, because they can come across as brag-a-thons. Not to mention that only the Lord knows if there was a true conversion, or not. I returned back to a train station that I’ve previously been open-air preaching at (with amplification). I was waiting for a crowd to gather (according to their bus schedule.) However the Lord’s Spirit prompted me to preach immediately. So I jumped up, preached a simple message from the 15th Psalm, and then gave a brief explanation and application of both the ‘Law and the Gospel.’ One man responded to the Gospel call (many others asked questions). It is rare to see instant results when doing open-air preaching. However this if the ‘fourth’ person within the last ‘three’ weeks, that responded to the Gospel call. Only the Lord knows their hearts. He did not get an ‘easy-believism’ presentation from me. I offered to stay with this man for hours if he chose, but he had to board his train. I generally don’t publish another person’s private matters on YouTube, so I cut out our lengthy conversation at the end. I ministered to him for another 20 minutes after this video, gave him a NT Bible, my business card, and cellphone number. I also referred him to one church in Dallas. Please pray for him.

An important reminder for me (and perhaps others), is don’t’ be caught up with how big the crowd is. Or don’t try to create a crowd (that is the flesh). Our emphasis in evangelism should be on ‘quality’ over ‘quantity.’ Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Back on Nov 14th, 1991, it was the Holy Spirit that prompted me to turn left instead of right. That left turn, turned into a gun battle at a church, hence many lives were saved.

I am just a sower of His Seed, the results are the Lords. God gives the increase, He will save whom He chooses. He will add to His church, as He wills. It is the power of the Gospel that brings salvation, not by repeating a sinner’s prayer. And for those that did not respond? The Bible promises that His Word will not return void. All the glory goes to the Lord for this outreach. A video of this message can be seen here.

Downtown bus depot: Distributed tracts, and open-air preached.

The Dallas Aquarium: Distributed many Gospel tracts.

Sunday (April 27th)
Just as I was driving from Dallas towards Tyler Texas, the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) interrupted my sermon that I was listening to. The EBS warned of imminent dangers of a severe tornado that was expected to move south between Tyler, TX and Shreveport, LA, in approx 3-4 hours. I’m thinking, “Are you kidding me? This is exactly where I am, and where I’m headed.” (I did hear a little about it on the news yesterday). Other than prayer, what does an evangelist do with that kind of information?

So I activated my industrial grade amplification system, and it became a Christian Emergency Broadcast System (CEBS). I then deployed air raids (air-campaigns) over populated areas of Tyler Texas, warning them of the tornado, and the dangers that come with it (all the while I’m looking up at the sky). However I also warned them ‘with a sense of urgency,’ their need to be reconciled to God. There is nothing more beautiful than hearing the auditory trajectories of the Gospel, ricocheting off of buildings, and hillsides. The Gospel, more powerful than a locomotive. Faster than a speeding bullet, and able to leap tall buildings. That’s an understatement. Have faith in the Lord, because He promised that His Word will not return void. (Update: Video from StormChasers here).

Shreveport, LA: I did a reconnaissance of the area, looking for future fishing holes to evangelize (before and after school). I then distributed Gospel tracts.

Monday (April 28th)
Shreveport, LA: I checked into LBU. I’ll be staying in Shreveport, LA for the next 7 days (for my post graduate study workshops.) I’ve attended LBU off and on for 14 years. This week, will complete and satisfy all requirements for my Masters Degree.

Downtown Shreveport, LA: I passed out Gospel tracts to several large crowds as they gathered, at their Sportran station. I then gave some open-air sermons. Many Christians advised they were encouraged by the public proclamation of the Gospel.

I then went to the corner of Texas St & Marshall St. I passed out tracts, and then preached the Gospel. I was able to use amplification at both locations. A video of one of many messages can be seen here.

I then went to the U.S. Veterans Hospital / Administration. After sowing His Seed, a war veteran shared with me how he suffered “PTSD,” and a very troubled heart over killing men in the Middle East conflict. After speaking to him, I told him that I believed he suffered from ‘blood guilt.’ He believed that God would not forgive him. I shared with him how I too had to use deadly force many times. But that it was not a sin against God, because deadly force is Biblically justified in either war, combat, or self-defense. However that he still needed to be saved from his other sins. After taking him thru the Scriptures, he was a different man. I was able to minister to him in a way that a government chaplain could not. I have no allegiance to the city, state, nor the government. Glory to God for this opportunity. As with most private conversations, I will not be uploading that video.

I then went to a retail center and distributed tracts.

Tuesday (April 29th)
Shreveport, LA: I handed out many tracts early in the morning throughout the metropolitan area. Also engaged in ‘one on one’ conversations.

County Parrish Courthouse: The line at this courthouse does not appear until the very last few minutes before they open their doors. Therefore I only had a ‘narrow window of opportunity.’ I quickly preached a message that I guess we could call “Jesus as Judge, Jury & Executioner; Or as an Advocate.” I also handed out tracts to. A video of this message can be seen here.

The Sportran bus depot: I distributed many more Gospel tracts, and engaged in ‘one on ones.’ The harvest is always very plentiful here. I also did more open-air preaching. A video of this message from Psalm 61, can be seen here.

Wednesday (April 30th)
Shreveport, LA: In the morning I distributed tracts at a Walmart center. I then distributed tracts to busloads of high school students, which were in town for a sports event.

Later in the afternoon I went to “Drakes Catering.” This is a place I had read about in the news while in town. However that ‘Bible study’ was not this evening. Nonetheless, I distributed tracts here, as well as to the neighboring businesses.

I then went uptown into a casino, along their famous Board Walk along the river. I distributed tracts inside and outside.

I then returned to their Sportran depot, and distributed more tracts.

I then went to rougher side of town, and observed several males acting suspiciously (sounds like police work). I approached them and confronted them with the Gospel. I spoke about their destiny, and one claimed to be born-again already. However his friend that he was hanging out with, had no idea that he was a professed Christian. We engaged in a long discussion (a rebuke) of about his prosperity Gospel, and his acceptance Gospel, versus the whole council of God. I told him that ‘his Jesus’ does not exist. I also went over the law with him as well. I then distributed more tracts to others in this same area. A video of this message can be seen here.

The month of May

Thursday (May 1st)
Today I labored in the downtown area for a while.

I then returned to the Sportran’s station. I distributed tracts to everyone there, on all four sides of the location. I then chose one particular side to open-air preach. During this message, I was able to apply the aforementioned experience that I had Monday with the veteran, at the veterans’ hospital. When I went thru some of the law (particularly murder) I also shared in that message how I too had used deadly force many times, shooting four of the men. However, how and why in my shootings, taking human life was not a sin against God. Moreover how I, and everyone else present, had committed ‘murder in their heart’ multiple times.

While preaching I was asked to leave the premises, or that I would be arrested. However I was able to finish my message while moving to the sidewalk. I advised the crowd that if they had any questions or comments, about the message, or salvation; to follow me to the sidewalk. I was surprised to see how many followed me to the sidewalk. However evidently they called the police regardless. Hence the police also came to the sidewalk to speak with me. The police sergeant was very respectful, and warned me of my boundaries (I did not know that this bus depot was private property). Louisiana is a whole new world. A Christian laid hands on me, prayed for me; and exhorted me to keep on preaching throughout their city. A video of this can be seen here.

Friday (May 2nd)
For those that have helped by financially supporting this mission, I owe you an apology. I took the whole day off today (a day of rest). However this was only my second day off in five weeks.

I enjoyed some real southern hospitality, and some awesome Southern Bible-belt Koinonia. I also forged some great relationships, for cross country missionary / evangelism opportunities.

Breaking news, this just in. Yes it’s official folks. After attending a Southern Cajun feast, I am officially a southern redneck. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. A full plate of crawfish, and those critters were only my appetizer(s).

Having said all that, it’s time to move on. It’s in the air and up for prayer, but I may be heading back home in the morning (or to labor in Arkansas). I’m still in pray about that. My wife is a great supporter, and she said if it’s the Lords will, she would let me go as long as was needed (Don’t read into that. She’s not trying to get rid of me). If I do head back home tomorrow, I will sow some Seeds on the way back. I love my bride, and miss her dearly. I miss my doggie buddies too, dog gone them.

I will know for sure in the morning, after a full night’s sleep.

Saturday (May 3rd)
I am enroute back to California. I will be moving much faster home, making less stops.

Forthworth, TX: I took a different route through Texas, and toiled the soil here.

Midland, TX: Toiled the soil in this town as well.

Sunday (May 4th)
Balmorhea, TX: I revisited the gas station where I met “Kelly”.  I followed up with her re our conversation last month. Keep Kelly in prayer.

Las Cruces, NM: The weather here is back to normal. Hence, there was much more people outside. I toiled the soil here as well.

I was laboring in a well populated fishing hole. One man that received one of my tracts, returned and asked to speak with me. We sat down for about 45 minutes. He began to sob and advised he was suicidal. I presented the Gospel to him, spent time in the Word, and also prayed for him. His name is [snipped], please pray for him.

Monday (May 5th)
Lordsburg, NM: Sowed Seed in this town as well.

Closing remarks. Thank You Lord for this amazing opportunity. By Gods grace, over the last 4 weeks I’ve evangelized many communities within the States of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana.

My mission was to glorify the Lord, edify His church, and evangelize the lost; by simply preaching His glorious Gospel. I learned so much. The following are just a few of many lessons learned.

An important confirmation during this trip, was don’t’ be caught up with how big the crowd is. Or don’t try to create a crowd (that is often the flesh). If the Holy Spirit didn’t bring them there, I don’t want them there. The emphasis in evangelism should be on ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ of the crowd. Hence, follow the prompting and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Another learning point was when Jesus said in Matthew 9:37b, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” On this trip the harvest was ‘plentiful’ in many places, and the labors were certainly ‘few.’ But never was evangelism as ‘laborious’ as this trip. For that I am very thankful.

The Lord also pruned my way of putting sermons together. Hence my style of open-air preaching and teaching will most likely change.

I am also grateful for the overflowing love, that He gave me for the lost. The Holy Spirit opened so many doors, and so many hearts. It was an amazing experience.

The results? 4,155 miles put on my vehicle, and only the Lord knows how many miles put my feet (glad my wife bought really nice running shoes for this trip).

Thou I cannot say that I know for sure that they were saved, while I was preaching the Gospel in the public; 4 people responded to the Gospel (2 men, and 2 woman). I could have easily gotten many more to unbiblically make ‘decisions’ for Christ, ‘accept Jesus into their heart,’ or repeat a ‘sinner’s prayer’ after me. But I pray I handled this calling in a Biblical way, which was pleasing to the Lord; and not to man. I gave my cell number and business card to the two men that responded to the Gospel, and connected one to a church in Dallas. Please pray that they get properly discipled.

Over a period of time, I estimate that over two hundred thousand persons heard the Gospel being proclaimed into the open air. I was able to personally place 10,000 IPOC Gospel tracts into the hands of others (they contained both the Law & the Gospel).

I am just a sower of His Seed, the results are the Lords. God gives the increase, and He will save whom He chooses, as He adds to His church. It is the power of the Gospel that brings salvation (not my presentation). And for those that did not respond to the Gospel? The Bible promises that His Word will not return void.

I had a large number of video files, but I do not have the time (nor patience) to upload them all. Therefore to provide my YouTube subscribers with a simplified diversity of videos, between different preaching styles, interactions, cities, locations, and states, as well as different results; I will only upload about 10-20 of them. You will most likely miss most on them on social media, so feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I generally do not share the ‘one on one’ conversations, but I will at least one of them.

I want to thank those of you that financially supported this mission’s trip, and those that gave me prayer support. Both were needed, and both were greatly appreciated. This report was only an ‘abbreviated synopsis’ of the trip. To God be the glory!

It will take a while to upload videos from this trip. However in case you missed any videos here (or any future videos), subscribe to my YouTube channel here.


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