Rabbi Tamara Kolton claims God is a sexual predator, that the first story in the Bible was the first #MeToo incident

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The feminist #MeToo movement has become extremely narcissist and vindictive. But in this particular case, it has risen to the level of blasphemy. Whereas 47-year-old “Rabbi” Tamra Kolton of Birmingham, Michigan has not only participated in this #MeToo campaign, but worse, she has slandered and committed blasphemy against God. As she falsely professes that Eve, the first woman ever created, was sexually assaulted by God.

Kolton writes,

“The story that begins the bible, the first one that we learn in Sunday school, the founding story of man and woman upheld for thousands of years by Judeo-Christian religion, is actually the story of the first sexual assault of a woman. The woman’s name is Eve. And the perpetrator? God.”

I love the Jewish history of the Scriptures, I love my Jewish friends, and I support Israel. But Christians must quit following the teachings of Jewish leaders, as they foster a ‘spirit of anti-Christ.’ In this case, Rabbi Tamra Kolton malevolently attempts to assassinate the character of God.

Why are professing Christians subscribing to the teachings of Jewish activists? As I shared in a previous blog post, Dennis Prager supports, and defends the homosexual agenda.

I have not read Tamra Kolton’s book, but the excerpts in this article are an affront to a Holy God. Just in this hit-piece alone, she has broken three of the Ten Commandments, and as it says in James 2:10, if we’ve broken just one, we’re guilty of them all. Therefore God’s wrath abides upon her. I could not imagine the wrath that she is storing-up for herself, for that great day of judgement.

Tamra Kolton if you’re reading this, know this. That the only way you can be reconciled to the Father, is through His Son. I pray the Lord grants you repentance, causing you to repent, putting your faith and trust in Christ alone for salvation. Otherwise you will perish in your horrific sins, whereas you will be in hell under the wrath of God. Please read my “The Glorious Gospel” page here.

Back to the #MeToo movement.

A sister recently asked me if I had ever experienced sexual harassment amongst law enforcement. My answer was “yes.” After she inquired further, I gave the three following examples, all of them occurred amongst the Los Angeles Police Department. Though the incident-rate of sexual scandals is much higher, below is a summary of just three experiences.

Some of you may not know that during the night shift, most police officers drive their vehicles while their Mag-Lites or Streamlights (a flashlight) are tactically placed on the seat between their legs. That enables the officer to have quick and easy access to their flashlight, and it prevents it from rolling onto the floorboard.

In one incident a female police officer reached over and simulated masturbating my flashlight (while it was in-between my legs). In another incident a different female police officer simulated orally copulating her own flashlight. In another incident that I did not witness, while in an elevator, another female police officer aggressively planted a kiss on her young good looking male probationary officer (she was his training officer).

I never made a complaint against the female officers in my above examples, nor did I tell anyone about them. However, the male rookie officer did file a formal complaint against the third female officer. She received discipline, and she carried a sexual harassment beef in her package for the rest of her career. Surprisingly years later she was able to promote, and by God’s grace she became a born-again Christian. However just last year she passed away, and she is now with the Lord.

The reason why I share these three examples, is this. Don’t you agree that it would be vindictive, inappropriate, and counter-productive for me (decades later), to go public naming each female officer, and perhaps put a ‘me too’ hash tag to it? Or perhaps I could call my agenda #MenToo

The moral of this story is this. This #MeToo movement is unnecessarily revengeful, divisive, self-serving, and sexist. But when feminists like Kolton slander and blaspheme the Lord, it is time for me to say enough.

To read more about this story click here. The Dennis Prager video is below ~

Video of Dennis Prager supporting homosexuality, and more

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