Regarding Hamas (Muslims) attacking Israel today (a solution in the Spiritual realm)

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Regarding Hamas (Muslims) attacking Israel today. In the Spiritual realm, the solution is the Law and Gospel. At this pro-Hamas event, I grabbed my Christian flag and infiltrated it with the Law and Gospel via tracts and preaching. By God’s grace I’ve done the same outside Mosques.

Taqiya Law (aka the doctrine of prudential dissimulation) commands Muslims to lie to infidels. To lie suppressing their radicalism, to lie suppressing their Muslim faith, and/or to even lie claiming they’re a Christian.

The Triunity of the Godhead, the Gospel, and His Scriptures must be the Vanguard of our evangelism efforts. Otherwise, it is not Biblical evangelism. #Apologetics #Evangelism #Polemics

A side note. For my Theological position on the geo-political nation of Israel vs Israel the church, click here.

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