Rep. Lauren Boebert, and how effeminate men have sinfully elected her and other women to lead them in political offices

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I did not always hold this Theological position. But God willing, by God’s grace, He has granted me repentance and sanctification in this area.

For research purposes only, I watched Rep. Lauren Boeberts’ 51-minute speech/sermon at the recent 2022 Truth & Liberty Coalition conference.

I saw a large audience of men willingly and sinfully allowing her to play the role of a man, while she sinfully demonstrated authority over men, as she preached her sermon. Even if it had been a woman’s conference, the speaker preaching that message should have been a man, not a woman.

In part, her sermon preached a word of faith message, that man is in control, name it and claim it, a prosperity gospel, and that there is power in your spoken word, all while twisting some Scripture.  

Though Boebert rightfully warned of an “identity crisis” in America. Boebert is in an identity crisis. Whether a woman is a liberal or conservative, any time she preaches the Word of God before men, she is self-identifying herself as a man, as she assumes roles Biblically reserved for men only. Boebert’s egalitarianism is feminism* and a direct assault on God’s order of creation.

Feminism doesn’t come dressed only in pants-wearing liberals like Hillary Clinton. Feminism comes neatly packaged in skirts under the disguise of conservative Republicans. Feminism also comes dressed like a sheep in woman’s clothing.

Applicable to Boebert, as I’ve said in previous posts.

It is a perversion of God’s order of creation in Genesis 1&2 while manifesting the curse of feminism from Gen 3:16. Their proponents have a bisexual anthropology, a liberal sociology, and a low view of theology.

Gender role confusion belongs out in the world, and it should never be tolerated in the church. God said that women are not to pastor, elder, deacon, teach, and/or exercise authority over men in the church. And if you think you can work around the Scriptures on this, then you have a sinister low view of God’s inerrant, infallible, incontrovertible, sufficient Word. Repent and Sola Scriptura.

I see an increasing trend of women being elected (or appointed) to high positions of authority over men. Whether they be in the white house, senate, congress, the state house, your house, or God’s house (His church), it IS feminism and a perversion of God’s order of creation. And sadly, many professing Christians are propelling this. Perhaps this is the inevitable judgment of God (Isaiah 3:12).

“I’m convinced that the sinful growing trend of females leading in their homes, the state, government, and/or demonstrating authority over men in the church is the inevitable judgment of God. And it doesn’t matter what female politician you place in this photo collage. Whether she is conservative or liberal, it is a form of feminism and goes against God’s order of creation. I will not vote to enable this anti-Biblical environment (Gen 1&2; 2:19-23; 3:16, Deut. 1:3; 22:5, Ish 3:12, 1 Cor 11:3, 1 Tim. 2:11-15; 3:1-13).”

There’s a place for #nationalism. But when it creeps into the church and becomes a focus of the church, it has become a false god. And God said, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me!” And you question why God (a jealous God) would decree madness and judgment upon our nation.

In closing.

As it’s been said, “It is a cowardly nation that sends its women to battle.” And so, whether those women be in the military, the pulpit, or D.C., these men are effeminate cowards for sending them there.

The Pastoral Epistles and Scriptures are not to be left at the door as the Church leaves the sanctuary on Sunday. They are to be applied, demonstrated, and obeyed throughout the week.

Men, repent from your spiritually neutered castrated Christendom.

* For more definitions of feminism, see the comments section below.

For an excellent sermon on this topic, listen to Women Civil Magistrates? A must-hear sermon by Dr. Joe Morecraft or click on below.


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