Scathing sermon jam on ‘The Excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord!,’ by Ian Paisley

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Ian PaisleyI wept while watching this. Lord let there be more preachers like this today in America. Good preaching will have both content and passion. Passion with no content is not good. Content with no passion, is not good either. I fall short, and desire more…

As per the description field, “The message that wrecks apostasy – the Excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord! From the 1988 Easter Convention, Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church.” His web site is here.

Update Death Notification: On Sept 12th, 2014 we lost another great preacher / Christian leader. There’s not too many old-school preachers left like Ian Paisley. Paisley was a long-term legislator in Ireland. And a bold-prolific preacher. He was 88 years old when His Lord Jesus Christ took him home into glory.

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