Scathing 2-minute video on ‘Sports gods, sports idolatry & idol worship’

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This is an important message for the church, and no I am not saying that sports is a sin. However sports is a sin, if sports become an idol in our life. Facts is, if there is anything in our life that we have more time for, passion for, or knowledge of, than God (and His Word); then it is in fact an idol. Jesus said that the ‘idolaters’ will be cast into the lake of fire.

Everyone from time to time has idols in their lives, but we must repent. Those that don’t repent from idolatry (or other sins), I would ask you to examine the Scriptures to see if you’re in the faith.

The Bible says that we are to redeem our time wisely. Did you know that within the time frame of a 2-hour ballgame, 13,000 humans die (not including suicides or abortion,) and 28 Christians are martyred. Sure the 28 born-again Christians are now with the Lord, but how many of those 13,000 did not yet hear the Gospel?

Thank You Lord for saving a wretch like me. Lord give me the wisdom and conviction to realize when I have idols (or sin) in my life, and grant me repentance. For I am just an ordinary guy saved by an Extraordinary God.

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