Senator Rand Paul Confronts Biden’s Transgender Health Nominee About “Genital Mutilation”

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While most Democrats and Republicans have mutually ushered-in a radical homosexual agenda, and liberal or ‘left to the center’ ideologies, U.S. Senator Rand Paul has been a consistent light in a dark world.

Furthermore, his voting record and profession as a medical doctor give him much credibility to speak on these medical issues. Last year at the beginning of the Coronavirus, while many were getting their panties all in a bunch, Rand Paul was a voice of reason during unreasonable chaos. Even when Paul had the Coronavirus, he was still steadfast and consistent to not get too excited.

In the below recent U.S. Senator confirmation hearing, Paul “confronted Biden’s transgender health nominee Rachel Levine about “genital mutilation” in a Senate confirmation hearing this morning.”

If Rand Paul ran for President in 2024, I might vote for him.

Lastly, as I post about controversial subjects like this, through all this bad news, it’s more important that I share this Good News with you ☝.

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