Sergeant Ron Helus at the Borderline Bar was killed by a CHP officer’s bullet – it’s not “friendly fire”

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The reporter that asked the questions in this video is my friend and colleague Paul Huebl. Paul is a retired police officer, and currently a state licensed private investigator. We share some unique experiences. Both of us have been tried as Defendants in a Court of Law, for using a firearm in our own self-defense.  

I have to agree with the Sherriff’s response here. Had those off duty police officers had their firearms with them, while being under the influence of alcohol; more innocent bystanders might have been killed by “friendly gunfire.” Alcohol and firearms don’t mix. Admittedly before I was a born-again Christian, I used to carry concealed while drinking inside bars and clubs. Oh how foolish I was. Only by the grace of God, so go I.

Though my prayers go out to this CHP officer, this controversy must be addressed.

Sadly today we are seeing an increase of police officers bullets striking innocent bystanders. To name just a few of the many. From the LAPD SWAT officer killing 19-month-old Suzie Pena. To the female Office Depot employee shot here in Redlands. To the recent employee at Trader Joes shot and killed by an LAPD officer, and now this case.

Though many are calling this a “tragic accident” (which it is), and that Ron Helus was killed by “friendly fire” (which he was). But let us not numb the truth with watered down adjectives. Let us all learn from this, lest we repeat them. Because blue lives matter, and citizens lives matter.

Unless we can prove that Sgt. Helus ran into the CHP officer’s line of fire, as the CHP officer was squeezing off his round(s), this was not a mere “accident.” This was a serious err, a fatal flaw, and/or negligence; either way it is inexcusable. Furthermore, a majority of news agencies are calling this “friendly fire.” There’s nothing friendly about “friendly fire.”

I’ve been in a gun battle with a handgun (a sub-compact S/W 469). Admittedly not every one of my rounds hit the suspect(s). Some of my bullets struck vehicles, and the bricks of a church building. Albeit I was certain that none of my rounds could have hit any of those innocent bystanders in that parking lot. Other wise I should not have taken those shots. But the CHP officer here was using a rifle. A long gun provides an even higher level of certainty and accuracy in acquiring the intended target in your front sight. So again, unless the undisclosed video proves that Helus ran in front of the CHP officer’s rifle barrel, this was unacceptable and inexcusable.

Recently I had lunch with a retired police officer, who carries concealed in his church. We spoke about the possibility of an active shooter inside his congregation. We both agreed that if there were any possibility that he might accidentally shoot one of his own congregants, that regardless of what the suspect might do, no shot would be worth the risk. I would rather be killed, than kill one of my own congregants.

Police officers are frequently tasked to make split second life threatening decisions. Today I still have agonizing nightmares of some of my own. But if I thought my own bullet would kill an innocent bystander, I’d rather be killed myself.

In closing to born-again Christians. Remember to pray for the safety of the officers in your city. But more importantly, pray for their salvation as you share the Gospel with them (in this video I serve the LAPD Chief of Police with an IPOC Gospel Tract). 

UPDATE 12/10/18: Paul Heubl made a 2nd video revealing a possible cover-up. See other videos below.

UPDATE 12/25/18: According to Private Investigator Paul Huebl many of the off duty cops that were patronizing this bar were in fact armed, but they chose to run rather than engage the gunman. You might have heard of the “fight or flight syndrome” when being confronted by evil. These armed off duty police officers chose “flight” over the “fight.” Paul spoke to me about this on the phone, and was contemplating whether he should share this info with the public, he has chosen to do so. This update is in the third video below.  

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