Sermon audio of Proverbs Chapter 11 (honesty, ethics, perversity, judging, modesty, bad government, a video, a call to repentance & then communion)

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Bill as TheExpositor.tvAn expository teaching of Proverbs Chap 11, which includes but is not limited to ~

  • Dishonesty vs honesty
  • Business ethics
  • Many different forms of perversity
  • The most memorized verses by the world and/or carnal believers
  • Biblical judging vs unbiblical judging
  • What legalism is not
  • How not to dress your pet pig
  • Modesty, the Redlands Pastors wife & how she addressed this problem in their church
  • Being a giver vs a hoarder
  • How the Government violates vs 26
  • Played this powerful short video by Pastor Voddie Baucham
  • Then a call to repentance, & then communion.

Here’s an audio of this sermon on Proverbs Chapter 11

Proverbs Chapter 11 - by Bill Rhetts     

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In Christ,

Bill Rhetts