Short video on ‘The Gospel will divide families,’ by Tim Conway

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If a Christian’s walk is not divisively different in this world, then we are not walking ‘in Christ,’ according to the Gospel. Our Christian lives ought to be scandalous. Not scandalous as in ‘sin or compromise,’ but scandalous because we are clearly so different than the rest of the unsaved world. Which includes but is not limited to, being separated, sanctified, holy, peculiar, salt and light. Yes they will wrongfully call us “self-righteous,” or “holier than thou,” or “legalistic,” or perhaps even “parasitical.” But when we are clothed in His imputed righteousness, and His holiness, consider those accusations a badge of honor.

As you’ll see in this video, I intentionally used the Sword of the Lord to divide people, and let us not forget about the Lord’s prophetic dragnet.

On a side note: When I officiated a funeral this year, I was later told that my 30-minute message caused division amongst their family (it made some mad), and that’s not a bad thing. That is why I was entrusted with that great responsibility, to handle God’s Word with fear and trembling, and to not be concerned with what man thinks.

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