Should Christians go out evangelizing alone?, by Oracio Sandoval

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Oracio Sandoval
Oracio Sandoval

Should Christians go out evangelizing alone?

by Oracio Sandoval

From time to time I am asked if I go out evangelizing on my own, and if so, why. I guess one of the main reasons I’m asked this is due to the fact that Christ sent out the disciples two by two (Mark 6:7). So is it biblical for Christians to go out evangelizing alone?

Based on my understanding of God’s Word I have to say yes, it’s definitely biblical, though not always ideal. The clearest example of a “lone evangelist” in the New Testament is Philip the evangelist. In Acts 8:5-12 we read of him traveling to Samaria and preaching the gospel with signs and wonders and of many being saved and baptized there. There is no indication there that he went there with any other believers. Then in Acts 8:26-39 we read about his encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch, and it seems pretty clear that he was by himself there. Then in Acts 8:40 we read that he “preached in all the cities till he came to Caesarea”. In Acts 17:14-34 we also read of Paul preaching to the Athenians clearly by himself. John the Baptist began preaching the Word by himself and then made disciples. The same was the case with the Lord Jesus. It also seems to me that the Old Testament prophets were by themselves for the vast majority of the time as they preached God’s Word on the streets.

So why did Jesus send the disciples out two by two? Well, many Bible teachers and/or commentators say it’s because of the Old Testament law of things being confirmed by the testimony of two or three witnesses (Deut. 19:15). We do see this law carried over into the New Testament (Matt. 18:16; 1 Tim.5:19). However, in Mark 6:11 we read that Jesus commanded the disciples to shake the dust off their feet as a witness against those who did not receive them. So it does seem that the law of two or three witnesses was at least one thing that played a role in sending them out two by two. It can also be argued that it was more ideal for them to have a least one other person with each of them.

So do I prefer to go out by myself? No. But with my current circumstances I usually don’t have anyone to go out with me.

So the bottom line for me on this is, yes, probably for the most part it’s ideal to go out with at least one other person. However, it’s not absolutely necessary if you do not have anyone to go out with you. I believe that some Christians try to use the issue of not having anyone to go out with them as an excuse for not going out. I personally do not want to stand before the Lord at the Judgment Seat and be found guilty of trying to use that excuse because I know it will not hold. If we do not have anyone to go out with us, we can trust the Lord to shield and protect us as He sees fit. We can trust in His sovereign control over all of our circumstances and surroundings. We must not cower or back down from doing what God would have us to do out of a fear of man. As Proverbs 29:25 says, “The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.”

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