Some of my many Tweets related to this COVID-19 melodrama

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Below are some of my Tweets (and other brief thoughts) as this fluid “pandemic” situation unfolds and changes.

The CoronaVirus is working. The NBA suspended their season. Now will the other sports gods and idolaters suspend their season?Because of COVID19 the President declares a National State of Emergency – LOL. But the Bible says Christians are to be anxious for nothing. I will rejoice in the Lord.
It is a bad testimony that some churches are following the advice of the CDC & WHO to close down their sanctuaries. When the Scriptures say be not anxious for nothing (Phil 4:6-7), to trust in the Lord (Prov 3:5-6), and to not forsake the gathering of the saints (Heb. 10:25) Etc.A pastor tells his church (via online) that if they are sick to “stay home” and watch the sermon online. But then he says “But please donate online!” Yes, it is wise to stay home when you’re sick, but it is greedy to say, ‘we don’t want your cooties, but we do want your money.’
Churches are closing their doors refusing entry because of the media hype on COVID-19. Meanwhile, abortion clinics remain open. A Christian doesn’t need an ounce of discernment to see what’s wrong with that picture. Which one of the 7 churches do you belong to (Rev. 2&3)?On March 12th I tweeted “The CoronaVirus is working. The NBA suspended their season. Now will the other sports gods and idolaters suspend their season?” Today I am seeing a well-known pastor complain that he has no sports to watch on TV. Lord, do bring-in more of Your judgments.
And Trump hasn’t even finished his 1st term yet. Next week he’ll be spending over 800 billion more on 1 virus that God decreed. Socialism is not the answer. Repent and flee to Christ for the redemption of your sins.Since when is it the duty of the Church to work in concert with the State, in an attempt to “flatten the curve” (or thwart) what is likely to be God’s judgment? The problem is many are worshiping man, rather than God.
Let me see if I have this right. You’ll congregate inside a store to covet toilet paper, but you won’t congregate with your church on the Lord’s Day? Did you at least share (or preach) the Gospel while in that store? And you call this Tweet unloving? (this sick or elderly are excused)Let me see if I have this right. Your church closes down, while the abortion mills, bars & strip clubs remain open. And you can’t understand why God would send this plague?
It’s a fact that you can know a professing Christians faith or growth (or lack of) while being tested through trials. This Coronavirus pandemic has truly revealed the hearts of many. A profession with your lips means nothing without the possession of the heart.Costi Hinn refers to Christians who have the courage & conviction to obey God’s Law rather than men, as nothing but “zealot social revolutionaries” who have a “chip on your soldier.” What an abysmal thing to say about Christ’s Heralds, while hiding in his ivory tower.
Never in my Christian life have I seen so many pastors demonstrate such an overzealous ‘loyal to the state’ interpretation and application of Romans 13. Could it be because this view justifies their apathy, fear, or wiliness to surrender or retreat?There was a Christianity willing to die for the cause of Christ. Today many hide or lie calling it “I’m loving my neighbor” and am being “pro-life.” Many of them are the “cowardly” in Rev 21:8 & they worship the creation more than the Creator (Rom 1). They have become gods. 💘
Despite California’s unlawful demands, our church will be meeting for our regular service, whereas humans will congregate in the sanctuary. Let us never resort to this popular trend of “live-streaming.” Let us be bond slaves to Christ over the state. Let us be NOTW!This CoronaVirus pandemic is revealing either the authenticity of or the cowardliness of professing Christians. I hope they’re not the ‘spiritually neutered’ that Jesus warned about in Revelation 21:8. The fearful (or cowardly) is the first mentioned along with that dark list of hell-bound sinful people.
The balance of my cremation package is $387. So if the Lord decrees that I get this virus, and takes me home after April, then my wife with not have to pay a dime to take this sinners cadaver away and be incinerated. He paid for my salvation (monergism), and I paid for the end 😀The States of Florida & TX changed their policy declaring religious services an “essential service.” But Christians already knew that, and they would hold services regardless of the world’s unlawful, unbiblical demands. My King is King Jesus, not king Trump nor king Governor! ⛪
Have you noticed that neither the heretical ‘faith healers’ nor the ‘false flag’ folks who profess to be Christian, are not in (or at) the quarantine centers to “heal” or share the Gospel with those infected? So are these groups deceivers or believers? 😆If 50 million abortions have been performed in the USA since 1973. Then it would be JUST for God to kill over 50 million Americans with the Coronavirus that He decreed. Lord let Your will be done, not mine, not the White House.
Heard another Pastor on YouTube say they’re trying to “flatten the curve.” It’s blasphemy to think you can thwart the will (or decree) of God. Whatever happened to demonstrating faith i.e. Lord let Your will be done. Grant me more repentance toward You, and more faith in Christ.I don’t remember a time in my 60+ years of life when any Presidency fostered a tyrannical environment as this one. Whereas most Democrat and Republican politicians conjoin bipartisan hands together to execute more socialism and an even larger overreaching government. Whereas even the roles (or rules) of some law enforcement have changed to assist Caesar in their draconian methods. This sheepdog has one King, King Jesus.
Welcome to The Church of Latter-Day Livestream. A church where you won’t get harassed, arrested, or placed in danger. You can even “fellowship” in your underwear. Until we can figure out how to squeeze a wafer through the Ethernet, we will be suspending communion until further notice.Just watched an interview of Sen. Rand Paul who is COVID-19+, who is an MD, who is treating COVID patients & who never self-quarantined himself. The man has much credibility. Therefore he’s the only politician I will consider, not the media, nor Trumps tyrannical COVID taskfarce ❗
A ‘slave to the state’ worships the three branches of government. A born-again Christian worships Christ in and as His munus triplex. 3️⃣Three Pastors in my community are suing our Governor in U.S. Federal Court to have ‘the church’ deemed as being “essential” by the State. One of those pastors is a girl. Come on men you better step-up and be a sheepdog not a sheep. 🐕
At times I’m frustrated America is not the country I once knew, and my flesh wants to fight it. But I must remember that God’s wrath is being revealed (Rom 1:18) and His judgment is imminent. So it would be arrogant to attempt to thwart God’s judgment nor assist it (Job 42:2). 🐶The President says yes, the Governor says no, but the mayor says yes. Then the President says no, but the Governor says yes, but the mayor says no. The Bible says God is not the author of confusion, therefore Christians must obey the Bible.
CHRISTIANS: When’s the last time you rejoiced, thanked, and praised the Lord for this virus that He decreed? Or are you still trying to “flatten the curve?”Because of sin, and the judgment of Almighty God, every generation will continually die. But just like in the days of Noah, we deserve another immediate annihilation of the human race. Repent towards God, and be entrusted to Christ for salvation. Lord let Your will be done! ⚰💀
A pastor online says he’s having an outdoor church service because his Governor’s OK with it. Christ’s bride does NOT need Ceasers permission to congregate.Officials of Knox County, TN said once churches meet again they cannot perform baptisms nor communion. Sadly many will submit while taking Rom 13:1 out of context. If ur church cowers find another church. I just ordered pre-filled communion cups with juice & wafers for our church
John 3:16 used to be the most frequently misquoted verse. Today it’s Romans 13:1, but to justify closing churches. Doing so is theological, soteriological, and ecclesiastical malpractice. That goes against ‘the establishment,’ but it is contending for the faith and the church. 🐕God decrees deadly Insect Plagues as a form of His judgment. Now Asian Killer Hornets are increasing. They have killed humans & are killing the Honey Bee population which is necessary for our food supply. Lord let Your will be done, and give Your elect the strength to endure it🐝
Born-again Christians take heed to this warning. Do not become ecumenical with religions we’re opposed to, simply because they wrote an article you agree with. If Playboy published a good article about abortion or COVID-19, shall I share their article? Certainly not!Pursuits are an example of when persons should submit to authorities (Rom 13:1), & when they resist they are under condemnation (vs 2), that the authorities are to praise good behavior & go against evil (vs 3), & they can execute wrath on that evildoer (vs 4-5). Now go to Church!
Christians and Elders should not be looking to the president, politicians, or courts for ecclesiastical acceptance or approval. The Lord has already spoken, and no current event can change God’s Word.I will extend as much grace to those that choose to wear a mask, or receive a vaccine, as to those that refuse to do so.
I can’t think of anything more confidential and personal than our God-given DNA genetic code. In the past, most wouldn’t give it to the Government without a warrant. But today people are voluntarily giving it away at ‘COVID-19 testing’ drive-thrus. 🐕 or 🐑My wife and I saw a long line of people waiting to enter a new marijuana dispensary, so I thought of two things. 1. I need to return and preach the Gospel there, as all other ones I’ve preached at have shut down. 2. Wouldn’t it be nice to see long lines at our places of worship?
At the beginning of this “pandemic” / lockdown my Cardiologist prescribed me to stay at home, and don’t go to church. But my Great Physician (Christ) warns me to not forsake the gathering on the Lord’s Day and to keep it holy. Easy choice. I’ll continue to obey the Lord over man.Many are lauding a celebrity Pastor a hero for reopening his Church. That’s not heroic nor “courageous.” It’s expected that a church would have never closed down for Caesar. I’m thankful for what seems to be repentance, but I’m more thankful for those who never faltered.
Will the mask Pharisees who profess to be Christian ever repent from treating the Lord’s people as if they were unclean lepers? Or will the mask phenomena be the new lingering division amongst Christendom? I am pro-choice in this regard. For conscience sake, do as you choose. 🎭Is there a “statement” I can sign for churches that never closed? 🤣
Pastoral idolatry is sin. Only Christ should be praised, worshiped, applauded & called “courageous” or a “hero.” Jesus is the Christ, and He is head of His Church, it is Him alone that we should exalt. Repent from your idolatry, lest Christ remove His lampstand from your Church 🐮The authorities in some regions threaten to shut-off our utilities if we have large gatherings in our homes or churches? Some call that “persecution”😭. Perhaps it’s the Lord chastening for being content & spoiled in our luxuries. Oh, we have much to learn from the Amish people.
The Lord is using this “pandemic” to judge the people and to separate the goats from the sheep. And I am thankful for what He has decreed. And if He chooses to increase the virus, I will be thankful. And if He chooses to take me home, I would be truly thankful. 🐶Many are whining about what they perceive to be “persecution” (COVID/Government related). But my prayer is Lord let there be more of Your judgments and serious persecution upon our sinful land. But that requires more faith and trust in Him. Christians are to rejoice, not grumble.
Since when does Christs bride need to ask Caesar or the court for “permission” or the “right” to congregate? That’s why my hero’s of the faith, and mentors at large are the men in the Scriptures, and old dead men. The book of Acts is an open book, read it and follow their example.Render to Caesar what is Caesars? Yes, but the Church is not Caesars. The Bride only belongs to the Bridegroom. She’s not to be treated like a whore, and so we don’t share her with anyone else, except for God’s elect. Lest we commit Ecclesiological adultery! 💕🌹👰
Many celebrated (some boasted) in a low courts decision to “allow” their Church to hold regular services setting a “precedence.” But another court overturned them worsening the precedence. They should have always remained open. CHRIST has set our precedence in the book of Acts.The “church” (ἐκκλησίᾳ) is not your building nor parking lot. Those are luxuries that the Church benefits from. The essential Church is a living organism comprised of blood-bought born-again believers who gather and assemble at a specific location i.e. home or any public place.
Jesus (God incarnate) was the only sinless Man. While engaging in prosecutorial malfeasance they arrested Him, beat & tortured Him, and killed Him. But it says in Isaiah 53 that He “opened not his mouth;” And today’s pantywaist Christendom complain about a little legal harassmentShow me a professing Christian who is consistently known for fear, and I’ll show you a person who is not consistently laboring in God’s Word (the Bible). Study and know God’s Word, be a wordsmith, and a swordsman of God’s Word. 📖
We’ve never obeyed our State to close our Church or stay at home. Today it will be 97° while preaching outside. That’s NOTHING compared to the hell Christ saved me from and so I will rejoice. “When we complain about the weather, we are, in reality, murmuring against God.” AW PinkGiving a “standing ovation” to a Pastor is another form of idolatry. The head of the Church is Christ, and it is only Him that deserves such an applause.
Was shopping @ Costco & saw this fellow & his family. He’s wearing his Trump hat & his American flag mask. Perhaps the flag displays his liberty ‘to wear’ a mask? I have no problem with the mask, but perhaps he doesn’t understand the true historical meaning of “Don’t Tread on Me!A Pastor who teaches you can be saved after receiving the Mark of the Beast endorses Trump. Trump gives one Billion to Bill Gates’ Vaccine Fund, the vaccine might be necessary for some commerce. Is the Lord using them to usher-in a system seen in Revelation? Fiat voluntas tua!
2020 will not be remembered for the Corona Virus. It will be known for the many Pastors and their sheep, who rallied for the “most pro gay President” ever. As they socially shamed the sheepdogs who would not. Lord, either way, we deserve Your judgement. 🦮 #sheepdog #2020ElectionThis curfew is from my leftwing Gov. Gavin Newsom who was recently photographed socializing at an unmasked party, and wining & dining inside a high💰restaurant, fraternizing medical executives without a mask. I will resist his unconstitutional hypocrisy, as well as his SS Troops.
Masks are not about a virus, it’s about control and conditioning. These folks are slaves to the state. Push back, and stand for the freedoms our vets died for.No lockdowns or stay at homes for me, give me liberty or give me death.
Apparently due to an alledged “surge” of the virus, officials are considering another stay at home lock down. I will again resist, and as always our Church will continue to congregate. It’s not the duty of a Christian to attempt to flatten the curve of a virus that God decreed ⛔ The City of Newport Beach & their Chamber canceled what would have been the 112th annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. But the boating community decided to “go rogue,” and celebrate as usual. If the world’s willing to go rogue, then how much more should the Lords Church👏
Because I’m a Christian & not a Republican, Soli Deo Gloria that the #SCOTUS just ruled against New York on restricting the number of attendance in places of worship (though I’m against the religious pluralism). ☝️🆙️Today while @ Bass Pro the nice lady at the entrance said “Sir do you have a mask?” I replied “no.” She asked, “Do you need one?” I replied “no thank you,” and I continued beyond the lobby. That’s a respectful way a business should treat their customers. Fisher of men while there
Signed the Recall Gov. Gavin Newsom petition outside Bass Pro Shop. Considering the tyrant they’re trying to dethrone, I congratulated them for not wearing masks which he demands. Those three petitioners & I were the only people I saw without a mask. Gospel Seeds left behind.It’s evident that the government (Republicans & Democrats) overreacted to the Coronavirus, and their fearmongering caused more devastation than the virus itself. But Christ’s bride must not cower. She must courageously be salt of the earth and light of this world; she is holy. 😇
Good for the Republican legislators in Ohio. Because their own fellow Republican Governor is engaging in paranoid COVID lockdowns, they began official “articles of impeachment.” This will give Republicans in OH much credibility. Goodbye you RINO tyrant.🤣My State sent me this emergency text / order. God is sovereign. If (when) He decrees me to catch this virus, I will rejoice. If I heal quickly, I will rejoice. If I die, I will truly rejoice. Either way, for His saints, it’s a win win. 👆👍
To the professing Christian on staff at a church in Redlands, that slandered me saying I’m violating the 2nd greatest commandment for NOT wearing a mask. This is how I love my neighbor. By giving them the Gospel while their wearing their masks. Calif. has the strictest lockdown orders and COVID related restrictions in the nation. Yet we now have the highest infection rate. Proof these unconstitutional restrictions are counter productive. Nonetheless, the Lords Church will resist Cesar to obey the LORD’S Great Commission
Don’t believe the lie that live-streaming is safe. It’s harmful to your spiritual health, and failing to fellowship on the Lord’s Day is flat-out sin. Go to Church, fellowship, discipleship, and obey His Great Commission. Go, stand, and speak (or preach) to a lost and dying world Without apology, we will not be live streaming our church service today. We do not practice methodologies that encourage or enable professing Christians to “stay at home.” Because meeting, fellowshipping, discipling, and receiving Communion on this day, are commanded by the Lord.
To all you mask Pharisees, and vaccine Nazis. The dangers are not those without vaccines and masks. The danger are those that got the vaccine, making them more likely to be asymptomatic, hence spreading the virus to those that trusted in our God-given immune system.Jake Gosselin the creator of Churchfront, a proponent of livestreaming church services, falsely claims that churches are now “required to host worship for BOTH in-person and online congregants.” This is a lie from Satan, and you must run from them and their pseudo churches🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️
If I died of COVID tomorrow that would not be a tragedy, it means I died right on time. Born-again Christians don’t just believe that God is sovereign, they demonstrate it by faith! ☝The “new norm” is it’s increasingly necessary to have the vaccine to be able to buy or sell, travel, or attend some venues. I am NOT saying it’s ‘the mark,’ but I am saying this New World Order is ‘conditioning’ the population for something worse. Why would Christians acquiesce?
Since the beginning of #COVID how many Pastors wrongfully attempted to “flatten the curve” of a virus that God decreed, and that sinfully abandoned their ship, replacing Church with livestreaming. We need more Shepherds and Captains and less hirelings, more here.New York is demanding vaccination papers to engage in public activities. Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “If you want to participate in society fully, then you’ve got to get vaccinated!” Well, that won’t affect bondslaves to Christ, we’re to be set apart from this world system.
Just heard Paul Washer say the church should obey the authorities when asked to stop meeting during Covid, and we should play our part in stopping Covid. That is so unbiblical, just don’t know if this is a hill worth dying on to do a Podcast, as he’s followed by so many 😞As a police officer if I asked a citizen or criminal permission to search their personal property or possessions without a warrant, he would wisely respond “I do not give consent!” But today’s Christendom will consent to Caesar; here’s my church, here’s my body, here’s my arm.
The world says to “love your neighbors” by wearing a face mask, get a vaccine, or stay home; and to shun the sick regardless. But our Church visits congregants that are at home with COVID, and without a face mask. Yes, we shall apply the NOTW principle to COVID. Soli Deo Gloria!Comparing the exigent circumstances in Afghanistan to America. The Church in Afghan will be much bolder & stronger than our evangelical wimps & pimps in America. And they will not twist God’s Word saying “Romans 13 says we’re to submit to our governing authorities [the Taliban].”
Romans 13 does not mean to shut down churches during a flu season, Romans 13:1-5 means for the governing authorities to shut down wicked evil doers like George Floyd.There are similarities between Biden and some Pastors. While Biden negotiates with terrorists, asking them for permission. Pastors are negotiating with Caesar, asking the courts for permission to assemble. And in some cases, the taxpayers are even paying for their legal costs.
History tells us during the 9/11 attack, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ran towards danger. But during the so-called COVID pandemic pastors shut down their churches, and hid, while resorting to livestreaming. Now that’s America’s pastorology and evangelicalism for ya!When a pastor dies of COVID, don’t criticize him when you learn that he did not receive the vaccine, and that he visited his COVID+ congregants. But rather give thanks to the Lord for the courage, conviction, and amount of faith that HE gives to some of HIS under-shepherds☝☝☝
Between our worship service and Sunday school class, I invoked harsh #ImprecatoryPrayers for Dr. Tony Fauci. Upon opening our eyes, a pastor from another church walked thru the sanctuary. I wonder what he thought of those prayers ☝☝☝🙏.Heb 2:15-16 warns Christians of the sin of the “fear of death.” Oh, how the Devil and his advocate (the news media) have successfully enslaved most of the church into a fear of death. Perhaps the so-called King of Pop Michael Jackson (a Mysophiac) was the pioneer of face masks.
For years I’ve stated the need for non 501c3 churches planted in homes (Acts 2), led by qualified Elders who have a retirement and don’t need a salary. And the only time monies received, is when a member needs financial assistance. The name is Christs Church, and the time is now!

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