The article ‘Beer Enthusiast’s New ‘Calvinist’ Film Brews Concern for Blending in ‘Young, Restless & Reformed’ Speakers,’ by ChristianNews

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SHEEPDOG ALERT: Many ‘orthodox’ scholars have been warning the church of this ‘Young, Restless, & Reformed’ movement. But sadly since Christians live in a fallen world, and are all byproducts of the fallen nature of man, these worldly things will creep into all four corners of every Theological arena. This Young, Restless, & Reformed movement (YRR), is as dangerous as the Joel Osteen’s and Rick Warren’s in the other corners of the ring. Seriously, let’s remove the log out of our own eyes, and admit that.

I appreciate Reformed Theology, as it is deep in Doctrine, and rich in Theology; but I desire to only wear Christ on my sleeves (though I fall short – ‘sin’). If I cut my finger, I pray to bleed-out only Christ and Theology. Lastly, the YRR movement is not limited to only “young” professing believers, it is amongst some of our older men too. And they are the ones that will wrongfully call those of us that “strive” for more sanctification and holiness, – “Pharisees.”

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