The article ‘Behind the Numbers: Alcohol is Killing More People than the Opioid Epidemic. Why Aren’t We Talking About It?’ (and my response to it)

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This morning I saw this article shared by one of my Facebook friends. Jonathan’s preface to his post was, “We got too many Christians trying to defend this poison.” I agree with Jonathan, and I have a great amount of respect for him.  

Though I am an advocate of the five essential fundamental Doctrines of Grace, as well as the Confession of Faith that my denomination beholds. But I am perplexed, troubled, saddened, and offended, as to how so many professing Reformed believers increasingly flaunt their so called “liberty” to consume alcohol beverages either online, in videos, and/or somehow thru an intentional public display. This is a greater problem amongst reformers (or Calvinists), than I’ve previously experienced amongst Arminian churches.

But it isn’t just a problem amongst parishioners, it’s a problem for many pastors and elders. Without a shadow of any doubt, as per the authority of 1 Timothy 3:3, many Reformed elders and/or pastors have disqualified themselves. That disqualifier being “Given to wine” (paroinos) can be seen in their social media posts.

I am even seeing an increase of professing believers, that profess to be reformed, advocate the use of either ‘marijuana for medicinal’ purposes, or ‘medicinal marijuana’ for various purposes. An out of state “pastor” from my own denomination has done this publicly (via video), as well as some of his followers. I suspect the intended ‘shock and awe’ effect of his video, was to create more views, and more followers.   

Do they not fear God? How does any of this glorify God, or edify His church? The answer is – it doesn’t!

Oh yes they will wrongfully call me (or you) “pharisaical” (as the above Pastor does to others online), but the evidence shows I am not. The definition of pharisaical is a person that is “marked by hypocritical censorious self-righteousness.” Let me make this very clear. I am not hypocritical in this regard, because by God’s grace I no longer consume alcohol, and I do not use nor ingest any form of marijuana. Furthermore, admittedly I have no righteousness, except for the imputed righteousness of Christ (that I ought to emulate). I am nothing but a worthless worm in His hand.

Recently I purchased, and am paying for my own cremation costs. That was done to prevent my wife with the burden of any unexpected ‘end of life’ costs (heart problems – Pacemaker reliant, etcetera). Last week while camping alone in the mountains, I made a video entitled “Unboxing my urn” (screenshot here). Albeit I have since decided to not publish that video. In that video I mentioned how I have instructed my wife to not hold a funeral, nor a memorial on my behalf. One of the reasons for that decision, is because I have a high view of God, and a low view of myself. By God’s grace, I hope to ‘die well’ in the Lord (Lord willing), and so I prefer to not be eulogized or memorialized. As I stated in that video, frankly I am not entitled to the air that God has allowed me to breathe, and my self-worth is worth no more than my future ashes inside my own urn. That my friends, is contrary to a person that might display a “censorious self-righteousness.”

Thankfully today, pulling the ‘pharisaical card’ holds as much weight as the Democrats wrongfully calling Trump a “racist.” They’ve lost their credibility. But worse, it’s a form of slander. It’s also a violation of the Ninth Commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” (Exodus 20:16).

In the Scriptures the Devil himself is referred to as diabolos (Strong’s #1228 διαβάλλω). This diabolos means a false accuser, devil, and/or slanderer. If Paul forewarned Christians who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus, that they will suffer persecution (2 Tim 3:12), then I would imagine that it’s even more likely to be slandered from within (though that’s not persecution).

Oh yes, I will love them as the brother that they profess to be. But admittedly without wearing, applying, and demonstrating ‘the whole armor of God’ (Eph. 6:10-20), I wouldn’t be able to demonstrate any civility while writing this. Yeah I admit it, I am weak. I need more than a crutch, I need a Physician and a hospital.

In closing.

Dear fellow professing Christians. We’re to be against the world, not like it. Repent from this sloppy agape, and greasy grace.   

As always – Love ‘biblically’ – repent – be salt and light – be holy – be sanctified – be against the world – fear God – pray without ceasing – keep His commandments – grow in His grace and knowledge – put on the whole armor of God (and use it) – walk circumspectly – believe in, and trust Jesus – obey the Gospel – share the Gospel – preach the Gospel – contend for the faith, – disciple each other – live Godly in Christ Jesus – hate the things that God hates, and love the things that God loves – rejoice in sufferings – don’t flinch in the face of adversity – keep the faith, work-out your salvation, and endure to the end!

Though the below article is secular (forgive me for that), but there seems to be more wisdom here, than amongst some of our Christendom.

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