The article ‘Confirmed – Philando Castile Was an Armed Robbery Suspect – False Media Narrative Now Driving Cop Killings…’

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Remember my post warning others that “Sadly many Monday morning quarterbacks on social media, have fueled the flames of this anti-police rhetoric. Henceforth, they are irresponsibly peripherally responsible for inciting these violent attacks on our police.”

According to the below article, it now appears that Lavish Reynolds (aka Diamond Reynolds) gave a “false narrative” when she videotaped the death of her boyfriend Philando Castile. Because when you match the description of a suspect, that just committed an armed robbery; that changes everything. My experience with suspects, is shirts were almost always removed (by shedding-off) to change appearances.

The incendiary remarks of the President, their Governor, and many FB friends have proven to be irresponsibly deadly. If you’re saved, the Bible warns about the tongue. I have no doubt that more men have been murdered with tongues (and keyboards), than with bullets. With citizens now streaming their own ‘live’ video feeds, I suspect we’ll see more of these falsely narrated video feeds. Because all lives matter, from the womb to the tomb! ‪#‎alllivesmatter #copslivesmatter #bluelivesmatter #policelivesmatter – Chaplain Bill

The article here


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