The Baptist Press suppresses the truth about Texas House Bill 896, and many are surprised

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Disclaimer: I am not being critical of the author, nor the persons in support of this bill that were quoted in the article. I see these folks (via social media) doing a mighty work for the Lord. My response is to a larger Christian audience, not mentioned in this article.  

So according to this article, the Baptist Press suppressed an article about a piece of legislation that would have criminalized abortion, while criminalizing women seeking abortions in Texas.

This does not surprise me, as I expect this from SBC related organizations. But what stands-out the most to me in this article, is this double edged statement. “So what do we learn from this tragedy? The good old boys club is alive and well in the SBC.” But I’m only going to address the second half of this statement.  

Thankfully they did identify the source of the problem. “The good old boys club is alive and well in the SBC.”

I say this because I care for the church (Christ’s bride). The amount of time most men spend trying to hit a little white ball into a hole in the dirt (golfing & various other sports), I prefer to spend watching the ‘trends of the church’ (the professing church). Because the matters of the church matter much more.

The “good old boys club” mentality has been the problem way too long. It is prevalent amongst our secular organizations i.e. political parties. I’ve resisted it while sitting on many Board of Directors. That’s one of the reasons I left the Republican Party ten years ago, and became an Independent. The Grand Old Party (GOP) has forsaken the principles of what the GOP once stood for. Hence, we now have the Grand Old Party (GOP) run by the Good Old Boy (GOB) club mentality.

But here’s the more serious and sad part. The Good Old Boy club has crept into the professing (or institutionalized) church. Men have become more loyal to each other, and their denomination (or association), rather than to the Biblical principles they once stood for. We don’t need a specific unity amongst the Good Old Boys, we need a general unity amongst the local church, with Christ as their head, according to the Scriptures. What good does it do to believe in the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scriptures, if we do not practice that principle?

As Dr. Theodore Zachariades said –

“The culture or ethos of Western Civilization is no longer tethered to its roots. It is heading full speed into oblivion. Why is the church so eager to follow this course? This is proof positive that the institutional church is just that, an institution. The true body of Christ, all true saints of all ages, the predestinate, as Wycliffe put it, will continue to resist come what may. Christianity is not a retreat into ghetto-hood. It is a confrontational way of life and a comprehensive world view that has a message from beyond the world that alone can transform the world. “Jesus is Lord” was the first confession of faith. He remains the only hope for the world.”

Lastly, I support bills that criminalize abortion, while prosecuting women seeking abortions, and I am thankful for its supporters mentioned in this article. But (said to the larger audience), if we’re not first and foremost preaching (and sharing) His glorious Gospel , then all of this can become another Social Justice Gospel. Because Heralding God’s Good News is our primary Biblical duty. Politics and pieces of legislation change with the wind, but God’s Law never does. Christ – Christ – Christ crucified, give them more Christ! Christ, the only One who could perfectly keep the Law on behalf of His church, for He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever!

You can read the aforementioned story below.

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