The Bible Belt sinfully neglects the Lord’s Supper

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Over the past ten months, we’ve visited over ten churches in the Bible Belt, and are thankful for the experience. One church we remained for two months, and another church for three.

Out of all those churches, and all those Lord’s Days, not one practiced the command to participate in communion, not even once. One pastor told me they host communion only “twice a year.”

The two ordinances of the Lord’s church, baptism, and communion are not suggestions, they are commandments. Though it is reasonably possible to be providentially hindered from new baptisms. It is unreasonable and sinful for the local church to intentionally neglect the sacrament of communion, as Jesus commanded “Do this often in remembrance of Me!”

Thankfully, today we visited a church that did, and they do so every month. Lord, forgive Me as I repent, and hold this cup with trembling hands.

Below are some videos Hosting Communion services. I pray this encourages the universal body elsewhere.

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