The Bushwhacker and his Massey Ferguson 931X

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Since the day we bought this homestead, we knew our corrals and pastures needed work, and would require ongoing maintenance. Bushwhacking would be a good start. They were overcome with thick thistles that are not edible for our furry friends. At times our Donkey disappeared as he was searching for good grass to graze on. And the Black Angus was losing interest in sorting through the mess.

I prefer to do as much of the work as I possibly can, but we don’t have the proper equipment. So, do I go for the short-term solution and farm out (pun intended) the bushwhacking? Or do we go into more debt and finance our long-term solution and buy the equipment. Well after researching the current prices of tractors, it didn’t take long to revert to the short-term solution option.

After some internet research, I learned of a fellow who specializes in this kind of work. Bobby Chandler has the equipment and some very nice reviews.

When Bobby arrived with his Massey Ferguson 931X, armed with a Bush Hog attached to the back, I knew our pastures were in good hands. Frankly, that 931X demands respect. Bobby reminded me there are many country songs about love and respect for tractors. 

Bobby’s reputation and reviews proceeded throughout his work. He demonstrated a lot of attention to detail, and he did so with due diligence. He was also careful to not ruin any fencing or structures. 

I forgot to tell Bobby, but in corral #2 there was a baby Deer in the midst whom the mother abandoned many days earlier. That Deer was scared and confused. I appreciated the fact Bobby wasn’t a bull in a China shop and was mindful of the Deer’s safety. That baby finally mustered up enough courage to get up and run. It sprinted directly into the fencing and got stuck in one of those 4″ square holes (photo in below video). Amazingly, he or she managed to squeeze thru and run off.

Hidden in the midst of this overgrown foliage was a large galvanized cattle feeder. Further examination revealed it had been previously bent, crushed, and sharp jagged edges were exposed. Bobby was able to use his 931X to extract it from the soil and thicket, and take it to a trash pile.

Once Bobby completed his job, he asked me to review his work to make sure I was completely satisfied. I gave him two thumbs up, five stars, and a smiley face. He was a pleasure to do business with.

It’s also good to know that the grass and soil are in better shape than I had thought. Our Black Angus and Donkey gladly enjoyed their new pasture, manicured by Bobby the Bushwhacker.

If you’re looking for a professional to do your lawn mowing, bush hogging, underbrush clearing, land tilling, or gravel spreading, I highly recommend Mr. Bobby Chandler.

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