Video on ‘The Cross preachers ignore’, by Paul Washer

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Next time you go to your church, check to see if there’s a ‘cross’ up front and center in your church. If there’s not, then respectfully ask your pastor why not. Additionally, are they preaching the biblical cross, or an emergent Americanized churchianity.

“You see, this is the Cross that all these modern-day ‘preachers’ put in the back of the store, and not in the store front window because it’s a shameful thing, it’s a horrid thing, it’s a terrible thing. Some of you are looking at each other as though, ‘I’ve never heard anything like this before.’ Absolutely! And that’s why the Cross that has so little power in your life. This is a horrid thing, a vile thing, not the kind of thing you wear around your neck.” – Paul Washer

It’s amazing how so many grown men have cut and pasted John 3:16 out of context. But the 8-year-old girl mentioned in this video, understands the ‘whole council of the Word of God.’

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