The doctrine of Divine providence, and the first and second cause of Gods decree, by James Renihan

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In this teaching, James Renihan gives excellent teaching from the 1689 Confession on the doctrine of Divine providence, the first cause and second cause of God’s Decree; and His means of accomplishing this.

Though Renihan did not mention this. In the last two years, two significant events unfolded that revealed the poor health of Christendom. 1) The Coronavirus and 2) the Presidential election.

Many professing Christians, even confessional  believers did not demonstrate faith that God decreed the Coronavirus, and the loss of the Trump presidency. Even if “election fraud” changed the presidency, election fraud was the second cause and means to accomplish the first cause of His decree.

What does this mean in laymen’s terms? It means we can trust in the Lord without getting our panties all in a bunch over either event. And so, what do we do with this knowledge? By faith, and by God’s grace, we courageously demonstrate the faith that He has bestowed to His elect.

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