The execution of LASD Sgt. Steven Owen, brings imminent attention to Calif Propositions 57, 62, and 66

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sgt-steve-owen-suspect-trenton-trevon-lovellOn October 5th, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Steven “Steve” Owen was tragically executed by a parolee named Trenton Trevon Lovell.

According to one police source, a witness initially observed Sgt. Owen tactically deploy on Lovell. According to this source, Sgt. Owen as expected, had his firearm un-holstered, and was giving commands to Lovell.

Regretfully this witness did not maintain a consistent visual observation of this initial contact. Therefore she was only able to hear the gunshots. Why is this an important point?

Because Owen had a reputation of being a tactically sound deputy, one who was expected to maintain the tactical advantage as initially seen by this witness. However somehow, even with the superior tactical advantage that Sgt. Owen demonstrated on suspect Lovell, Lovell was still able to retrieve the firearm and assassinate Sgt. Owen.

This is only a speculation, but I wonder if Sgt. Owen might have delayed in pulling his trigger, because of today’s racist Black Lives Matters agenda. I fully know and understand what goes through a policeman’s mind, when you are faced with a lethal force situation, and only have a split second to make your decision. It is possible that Owen may have hesitated because he had those distracting thoughts in his mind. Thoughts like, “Will I be called a racist?” Or “Will my commanding officers believe me?” Or “I don’t want my family to have to endure the political backlash of shooting a black man.”

It is also important to know that Lovell was released from prison early. Because he fit the criteria for a litigious ‘get out of prison early’ loop hole.

Forgive me for bringing politics into this tragedy. But, perhaps Sgt. Owen’s death will not be in vain in this regard. Let me bring three applicable Propositions that will be on the California ballet this 2016 general election. They will have a significant impact on the crime rate here in California. Below are my recommendations on how to vote.

Vote NO on Prop 57: The reduction of criminal sentences: If passed this bill will put more violent offenders back on the streets. This bill will widen the already existing ‘get out of prison early’ loop holes, even allowing certain murder suspects to be released from prison earlier than expected.

Vote NO on Prop 62: Death Penalty Repeal: This proposition will eliminate (abolish) our Biblical death penalty. Our death penalty is a deterrent to the crime of murder. If this bill passes, our murder rate will dramatically increase. It should be noted that none of our previously executed inmates, have ever been found to be wrongfully convicted.

Please do not confuse these two.

Vote YES on Prop 66: Death Penalty Reform: If passed this bill will enable our State to speed up our delayed execution process.

Please pray for Sgt. Owen’s wife, children, and grandchild. – Chaplain Bill 🙂


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