The fall of The Potter’s Field Ministry

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According to below article, the well-known Potter’s Field Ministry (led by Michael & Pam Rozell) has been found-out for alleged sexual and financial shenanigans. To learn these folks were making “millions’ does not surprise me. But the primary blame should be upon the churches and professing Christians that enabled them for so long, with their financial support.

There’s nothing wrong with money, except for the love of it. But I’m a firm believer that non-profit ministries should not use their donor’s money for property, real-estate, payroll, or other various expensive possessions. That is why I reveal our total income and expenses annually. Last year IPOC’s total income was $2,717.56, and by God’s grace that better enabled me to share the glorious Gospel with hundreds every week, and when I attended large venues, that number increased to thousands more in that same week. All of that for under $3,000 is very reasonable.

So how could The Potter’s Field Ministry stray, and fall as they did?

Well as you will see in the below video, they obviously had a low regard for the Word of God. Anytime you place anything before the Godhead, and His Word, that is idolatry; and the bad fruit will eventually be revealed. 

Therefore, to read more about this, click on the news story here. A video of Rozell telling congregations to keep their Bibles shut, can be seen below.

UPDATE: Pastor Don McClure reveals how Calvary Chapel managed some of their property here.

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