The FBI declaration on Joshua & Jessica Bustle re them entering the U.S. Capitol

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The below is a Probable Cause Declaration written by FBI Agent John Y. Nagashima. I am not writing this with animosity towards this Agent, he’s simply doing his job.

The reason I share this is it shows how the FBI (or any law enforcement agency) can use your own social media posts against you. I too experienced this when a bias anti-Christ FBI agent used some of my writings against me during Federal Grand Jury hearings, and then pretrial hearings before the trial. I’ll never forget how one of the 24 Grand Jurors winked at me as the Agent was mocking my Christian beliefs. I rode the elevator up with that gentleman, not knowing that he would be one of my jurors. Thank You, Lord!

I cannot know if this Bustle couple is truly God’s elect (saved). Nonetheless, be careful what battles you choose, as this is not being persecuted for righteousness’s sake. Fact is, Christians must have more boldness and zeal for the cause of Christ, than for a nation or our own political beliefs, lest our politics or country become idolatry. Nevertheless, their children will most likely be without free parents, and all for what?

Lastly, because #TheologyMatters & #DoctrineMatters, the slogan on her hat is very man-centered. As I’ve said many times before, as a Christian, and to Christians. Be a #sheepdog, because we serve the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. However, she was being the lion here. Many of the other photos I viewed in various places, show her leading her husband. Was this an Eve in the Garden incident? Did her husband fail?

If the below FBI document gets removed from this location, let me know and I’ll send you a file.

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