A scathing video of “The Fear of God” has been lost in most of the church (a compilation of sound bites from great preachers)

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Warrior Knight as Gods royal priests

This post-modern emergent seeker friendly church has taken over America. I refuse to conform to it (which is of the world.) This video warns of the false doctrines of a false love, false grace, false liberties, false conversations, and of being carnal.

The pastors seen in this video are Pastor Carter Conlon, Art Katz, Zac Poonen, Paul Washer, the late David Wilkerson, the late Leonard Ravenhill, and the last fellow is Keith Daniel. As the Daniel said, “So be careful! What you do with this sermon now sir, might be your undoing forever!”

I also recommend this video entitled “A video compilation of ‘Passionate preachers preaching on holiness and repentance

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