The Irrational Pastor 👎 a Tyrannical Governor & Sheriff, Guns, Constitutional Cops & the COVID-19 infected Church ⛪- Podcast 24

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In this Podcast, I rebuke the attitude of one pastor, who shames other Christians (or churches) that may not handle this CoronaVirus pandemic as he thinks they should. How one church alone has 30 members infected with COVID-19, and that it’s wrong to criticize them during their health crisis. How some politicians (or legislators) are making it a ‘criminal act’ if Christians hold a church service. How constitutional Cops will not submit to their unlawful tyranny. And I include a video clip of one Bible scholar, as to how we should rebuke this man-centered nonsense that many are demonstrating today.

As stated in a couple Tweets –

Never in my Christian life have I seen so many pastors demonstrate such an overzealous ‘loyal to the state’ interpretation and application of Romans 13. Could it be because this view justifies their apathy, fear, or wiliness to surrender or retreat?

There was a Christianity willing to die for the cause of Christ. Today many hide or lie calling it “I’m loving my neighbor” and am being “pro-life.” Many of them are the “cowardly” in Rev 21:8 & they worship the creation more than the Creator (Rom 1). They have become gods. 💘

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