“The sin of silence,” a scathing prolific message by Dr Laurence White, on how pastors and the church are responsible for Americas decline, not the liberals

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On January 13th, 2013 Dr. Laurence White gave this message entitled “The sin of silence.”

His message called on pastors and Christians to repent. He called pastors to not desire to be popular. To not desire to be accepted. To not desire to have big churches, and big salaries. But to be “faithful,” and to boldly proclaim His “inerrant” Word. He warned pastors to maintain their “theological integrity.”

He advised exactly what I’ve been shouting out for many years now. The pastors and the church are responsible for the State of this Nation. It is not the “liberals” fault. It is the fault of many pastors, and their sheep. The church is full of silence, compromise, and carnality.

You can hear the audio below via the mp3 player.

The sin of silence - Dr Laurence White     


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