Torpedo test, Dead Sea Monster, caught a Scorpaena Guttata & a Bass, new Dolly System & selling my Kayak (Newport Beach Harbor)

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This was my first time using a Torpedo Bait Tube. It works great if you were sitting still (or anchored). After the first hour, I noticed a few Anchovies died with their mouths blown wide open from water current pressure. Three hours later about half of what I had left was dead. I suspect I was peddling too fast for them. So if you cruise slowly (or are anchored), I’m sure they would work fine. I failed to turn on my GoPro for the Bass, but here’s the other footage.

Due to my heart condition, and being Pacemaker reliant, I was having some cardio issues, and I couldn’t even endure three hours. So regretfully I’m not the man I used to be. So I will have to sell my new Old Town Topwater 120 PDL Kayak. I hope to purchase a small inexpensive fishing boat with a small outboard motor. Watch for my next video advertising the sale of this Old Town Topwater.

More on the Scorpaena Guttata.

“Scorpaena guttata (Girard, 1854); from the Greek word scorpaena (scorpion, referring to the poison spines), and the Latin word guttata (a form of small drops or spotting). Alternate Names: Commonly called sculpin although also called scorpionfish, scorpion, little poker, rattlesnake and scorpene. Early records show stingfish and spinefish as favorite appellations. In Mexico they’re called escorpión Californiano.”

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