Two Pomona Police Officers shot in a standoff, one was killed, the other recovering in hospital

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Another police officer in my area has been killed, and another wounded. This shooting occurred in the neighborhood where my family lived back in the 1960’s. Please pray for their families and the department.

I will need your prayers as well.

As with other police deaths, Lord willing I hope to again share the Gospel with a multitude of officers (the whole counsel of God).

My printer might have our new comprehensive Gospel tract completed by then. If not, I will use our existing tract. Though I distribute many tracts daily, it’s important to always have a minimum of one thousand in reserve; because running out of tracts is worse than running out of gas.

“You may have put your shoes on this morning, but a Mortician may remove them tonight. Are you ready to meet your Maker?” – IPOC Ministries

Story here:

UPDATE: The name of the officer that died is Gregg Casillas.

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