Two videos of one week spent evangelizing South Orange County beach cities, & when to disobey a policeman’s unlawful order

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My wife and I retreated to one of her favorite campgrounds. The only way we could afford beach front property, is to camp along the ocean, and so we did. We spent a greater time in prayer, and studying Gods Word. We also began our journey through the ‘Behold your God’ study.

However my wife couldn’t keep this old dog down too long. So I used our campsite as a central command post for evangelizing throughout this community. Armed with a box of Gospel tracts, and the whole armor of God. Daily I utilized various methods of evangelism in the cities of Dana Point, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, Newport Beach, San Juan Capistrano, and the Saddleback community at large.

Rather than make individual videos for each outreach, I only made two videos. One is a compilation of various outreaches from this weeks trip. And the other is a sermon that I preached at a courthouse entitled ‘The preacher’s decision to disobey a policeman’s unlawful order.’ In just 16-hours, that video has over 200 views. Both can be seen below.

Video 1/2: The preacher’s decision to disobey a policeman’s unlawful order (I recommend reading the description field)

Disclaimer: I no longer tell the world that “Jesus loves you,” nor do I tell them that He “died for your sins.” Because I cannot know whom He atoned for, and whom He will not.

Video 2/2: A compilation of various efforts (with music finale)

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