Ventura Unified School District Superintendent forced to resign after a sermon he preached in a Riverside Church was discovered

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Superintendent David Creswell faithfully served for decades as an Educator. He was then moved up to the position of Superintendent of the Ventura County Unified School District. But evidently some members of the homosexual community were doing their own investigating, and discovered a sermon that Creswell had preached back in 2016, at Redeemer Baptist Church in Riverside, Calif.

In the middle of his sermon Creswell used an analogy based off some observations that he had made in a recent high school year book. In the “senior section” there was a section for students nominated most likely to be the “best couple,” and the “most changed.” The “best couple” were two females kissing each other, and the “most changed” was a male student dressed like a female, whom self-identified himself as a female.

In the below 2-minute excerpt, you will hear the comments that Creswell made about his observations. I reviewed it, and found nothing inappropriate about his remarks. Frankly his comments were simply stating a fact, that featuring these homosexual students as positive role models was inappropriate.

The only thing Creswell did wrong in this regard, is that after the opposition came, he later retracted his sermon remarks, and he apologized for them.

A  mans courage cannot be known for the sermons he preaches. His courage (or lack of) is tested and known by how he handles the opposition. To be frank, Creswell failed the test. Christians should not be ashamed of preaching the truth, nor should we apologize for it. Brethren don’t give into this pressure, remain steadfast in your faith, and never flinch in the face of adversity.

The sermon excerpt is below, as well as a link to the article revealing Creswell’s nauseating letter of apology. After reading his letter, I have to ask myself “Is this the same man?” What happened to him?  

Creswell’s letter of apology can be seen in this news article here
Creswell’s resignation can be read about here.

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