Video ‘After Open-Air Preaching on the White Throne Judgement, many ask for prayer’

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After preaching, the Lord provided some opportunities for prayer, conversations, and Q&A.

Music ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ by Jackie Evancho.

UPDATE: Yesterday at church a sister questioned me about a video that she watched of me open-air preaching. She advised that I preached something similar to modalism, or oneness Pentecostalism, which denies the Biblical Trinity. When I got home I listened to the video, and sure enough I saw my err (I misspoke). I am thankful for those that are willing to approach me like this, that is a valuable person. Though this was not intentional, I must ‘right a wrong.’ Therefore I add he following disclaimer to this video and blog post.

“I misspoke in this sermon. At time-stamp 4:02 I stated that “God the father became man.” I meant to say something similar to that ‘God the Father sent His only begotten Son (the distinct second person of the Trinity), and that Jesus is fully God and fully man.” As I’ve stated before, “It is the Heralds or ‘boots in the street’ that work in stressful, unsafe, unpredictable, uncontrolled, unrehearsed, and sometimes even dangerous work environments, all of which is done free of salary. Sadly sometimes err can occur. But what’s important is that I admit it, apologize for it, and confess it.”

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful” (Proverbs 27:6).

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