Video: Angry motorist stops car in the middle of the street, to approach, and scoff street preacher Kevin (Rated R for language)

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Kevin FarrerKevin Farrer of ‘Cry to God’ Ministries, is standing ‘on the box’ preaching. He is on the Southeast corner of West Angela St, and Main St, in the city of Pleasanton.

For about 14 minutes, Kevin is crying out, giving his testimony, and pleading for others to be saved.

In the below video (which I edited from Kevin’s channel,) you will hear the engine of a muscle car pull up to the scene. This man illegally parks his vehicle in the middle of the street, and approaches Kevin, and his film team.

As you will hear, Kevin fully understands why a man would drive up from nowhere, just to heckle him. And no, it’s not ‘muscle car mania.’

Then, another mocker approaches Kevin. To Kevin and his team, great work, and as always, glory to the Lord!

This video was edited with Kevin’s permission, and can be viewed in its entirety here. Brother Kevin, you have been tagged.

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