Video documentary on preaching the Gospel at public schools – inside & outside of schools – a Call to Arms!

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Video documentary on preaching the Gospel at public schools (inside & outside of schools)

In this video Bro. Ronnie discusses the importance of preaching the Gospel inside and outside of public schools, and you will see them do just that. The high school student seen open air preaching inside his school is Michael Anthony Leal.

Sadly the majority of professed Christians that I know, are against open-air preaching. Which means they’re against what the Bible commands. Michael is one of the many living testimonies to the effectiveness of open-air preaching in this postmodern era.

What makes this video so unique? Earlier this year Michael was inside his high school, when he heard Ronnie Cardiel preaching on the outside (with his megaphone).

To the glory of God, Michael responded to that Gospel call. Henceforth, Michael is now born-again, and is now preaching on the inside of his school (which you will see in this video).

I err on the side of caution to not ‘toot my own horn’ regarding ‘results’ or ‘numbers.’ For that reason you will rarely hear me talk about ‘results’ or ‘numbers’. But in hopes to edify the church, and to glorify Christ; from time to time I will toot the horn for another preacher.

Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips” (Proverbs 27:2).

Several open-air preachers that I have had the privilege to preach with, are seeing many saved under their preaching. I’m not talking about results created by the preacher, such as getting them to make a ‘decision,’ or ‘accept’ Jesus, or ‘repeat a sinner’s prayer’, or a thru ‘raise your hand’ altar call. I’m talking about GOD and GOD alone bringing the lost down to their knees. I’m talking about the lost being radically changed by a radical God.

Men like Ronnie and Tatsuo are now raising up, and discipling these new converts. As I say this about other men, please know that I am only boasting in Christ and His cross (1 Cor 1:31, 2 Cor 10:17).

In this video Ronnie and the rest of their team covered the outside of schools in Las Vegas. While Michael A. Leal preached on the inside of his own high school.

Disclaimer: This is not an IPOC outreach. Since Bro. Ronnie does not do social media, he asked me to upload these onto my channel. I agree that the Lord will use this video to encourage the body of Christ.

Side note: To see a video of one of my own recent High School outreaches, click here. The crowd came across the street like a tsunami.

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