Video encounter with a ‘Church’ that blasphemes God with a rainbow flag

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Music purchased at iTunes. “Apocalypse in Judgment,” by Chris Tilton.

This community intentionally uses the rainbow of the Bible in a blasphemous way.

Yes, it is just for born-again Christians to be angry that homosexuals have blasphemously hi-jacked God’s rainbow (God’s Noahic covenant in Gen. 9). But through that righteous indignation, we can rejoice. Because the rainbow is a twofold reminder of God’s promise that He will never again annihilate planet earth with a flood (saving only those on that Arc). However, He will soon destroy the whole earth again, but this time with fire. So in that Biblical context, we can thank the homosexual community for reminding everyone that God will soon judge and destroy the entire planet (including them). And those that have not repented, that have not been chosen by God, saved by Christ, and regenerated by the Holy Spirit (the elect), will perish onto an eternal damnation.

Or, as I said in another post.

“Gay pride month” and their rainbow flag are a blasphemous offense to God. God’s Noahic Covenant (the rainbow) is God’s reminder to us all, that He will never again destroy earth with a flood. But, when a sinister people group pridefully flaunts and misuses God’s rainbow, it should be a two-fold reminder that God will again judge & destroy the earth, most likely with fire. Pride month is also a reminder that God hates them and their pride, it angers Him as they store up wrath for that Day of Judgment. Tell that to any person, people group, or company that commits this crime and treason against a Holy Just God (Gen 9, Psalm 5:4-5; 7:11, Prov 6:12-19, Rom 2:5-13). 

“I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.” Luke 13:3

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