Video enjoying Gods creation, then ‘The Final Battle’ hill climb (off roading)

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Since my Cardiologist says that I can drive again. Today my first ministry, my wife and I enjoyed driving through fields and hills covered with spring-time flowers. It’s unusual for the Inland Empire, but they were lush with green grass, and Golden Poppies (thank God for our heavy winter rains). Though they are not depicted in this video, we did capture other highlights.

My wife observed a large rattlesnake and alerted me. By the time I got my camera out of the case, and booted-up, the snake hurried was back into the bushes (darn). It was a very large Red Diamond Rattlesnake (RDR). So you’ll know what they look like, I did upload a smaller RDR from the internet.

This place had lots of beautifully shaped large rocks, but sadly the unregenerate vandalized them with graffiti. We also saw Burro’s, and even an Eagles nest. However on the way out, I couldn’t resist taking-on at least one hill. I named it “The Final Battle.” Watch our Jeep flex up this obstacle. All I had to do was sit and relax, and the Jeep did all the work.

Music “Thor the Dark World,’ by Brian Tyler.

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