Video evangelizing a 93-year-old WWII War Veteran, he says “I’ve killed a lot of people”

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WWII veteran death rate stats

I didn’t have much time with this fellow, but I pray this was enough of the ‘truth in love.’ But thanks be to God, he has one of my tracts. The Bible makes it very clear that the natural man cannot understand, unless the Lord draws him to Himself. Please pray for this dear old war veteran’s salvation. I also including a tribute to this him. – Bill 🙂

Below is the details of the included video tribute.

“B24 Bomber Shot Down – Amazing Footage. Cameras capture the incredible moment when a B24 Bomber plane is hit and crashing in flames. This plane was nicknamed “Brief”. Serial Number 44-42058. It had taken off from Angaur Airfield, flying on a bombing mission against anti-aircraft installations on Koror, Palau Islands. Whilst over Koror, the B-24 was hit by anti-aircraft fire . The fuselage fell in a flat spiral until it crashed. 10 crew members were on bored. 9 were killed in the crash except the Navigator, 2nd Lt Wallace F. Kaufman. He was captured by the Japanese and executed.” – War Archives

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