Video Evangelizing DTLA via Bicycle

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My Cardiologist admonished me to lose more weight, but the good news is to counter my cardiomyopathy he is allowing me to “increase” my cardio exercise with more intensity. So I’m back on a bicycle. I love evangelizing Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), but the traffic and parking is always a setback. So I have decided to take my bike on the Metrolink train to LA, then ride the bike as I park, preach, and throw Seed; then take the train back to San Bernardino. Today I loaded my extra-large back pack with hundreds of Gospel tracts, a Bible, and sound system. This was a test run. I’ll share the upsides and downsides.

The upside was my entire costs was under $45.00. That includes $20.00 for a round trip train ticket (less expensive than driving a vehicle), admission to enter one location, and my delicious dinner. I did not have to deal with parking issues or costs, and it was relaxing compared to our Los Angeles freeway system. And there was just enough IPOC funds to pay for this.

The downside was since this was my first time wearing a backpack since having a Pacemaker – ICD implant. The straps on my heavily loaded backpack pressed too hard on my device (surrounded by soft tissue), which caused much discomfort. Plus the backpack restricted air flow, which created much sweat on my upper torso, and it’s not even hot yet. Having a wet shirt throughout the day was bad for my Bronchial – COPD issues. Therefore I will purchase a large fanny pack for the tracts next time. Due to one very steep street (near 2nd & Hope), my heart seemed to have some abnormal palpitations. Therefore I need to get one of those Garmin devices that monitor your heart while cycling.

I distributed my Gospel tracts, and preached the Gospel at various places including but limited to. Various street corners, sidewalks, open-air markets, public parks, and various venues. I also evangelized various cult members that were proselytizing. The most memorable venue was crashing a party. But not just any party. This was a barbeque for Federal Agents, about 150 of them. About 120 of them received my Gospel tract, which tells the lawmen that they have transgressed Gods Law, and need to be saved from their sins.

And as always, since the historical Olvera Street is so close to the Union Station, I enjoyed an excellent Mexican dinner before boarding my homebound train.  

In the below video you will see a synopsis of this long labor of love. All private conversations were omitted.

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