Video message on ‘The cost of discipleship,’ by Leonard Ravenhill – Parts 1 thru 11

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Leonard Ravenhill‘The cost of discipleship,’ by Leonard Ravenhill – Parts 1-11

Leonard Ravenhill was a solid preacher, and Bible teacher. No frills, no thrills, no contemporary clichés.

He told the story of an old preacher by the name of Henry Varley (1835-1912.) Henry Varley was preaching a sermon, and said the following to the crowd. “The world is yet to see what God can do through one man who is totally committed to Jesus Christ.”

One man sitting in the crowd later stated that he wanted to become a man like that. His name was D.L. Moody.

Do you feel that you’re not qualified for the Lord to use you? Ravenhill reminded us that Moody had only a fifth grade education. The Lord still mightily used Moody. The best education anyone can have is a Bible, the Holy Spirit, and a willing surrendered heart.

As he stated in video #11, calling persons to an “altar call” (Biblically) would be for one of two reasons. For either “death, or sacrifice.” He then said if anyone does come forward at his altar call, “come to die.”  Today most altar calls are unbiblical. Although an altar call for ‘repentance,’ could be a way of sacrificing self.

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