Video message on ‘The Power of God in George Whitefield’s Life,’ by Steve Lawson

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George Whitefield preachingPastor Steve Lawson gives a topical sermon on the ministry and life, of the great George Whitefield. He explains why the Lord mightily used Whitefield, as He did.

Whitfield is no doubt the greatest evangelist, and the greatest open-air preacher, ever since the days of the men of the Bible.

Whitefield said, “My whole world is now my perish. Wherever my Master calls me, I’m ready to go and preach the everlasting Gospel… Oh Lord give me souls, or take my soul.”

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said of Whitefield, “They must not wait for souls to come to them. They must go after souls, and compel them to come in. He [Whitefield] did not sit tamely by his fireside…. He dived into holes and corners after sinners. He hunted out people, and their sin, that he might present Christ to them.”

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