Video message ‘Self-Examination’, by Charles Spurgeon: Preached on Oct 10th, 1858, in the Royal Surrey Gardens, Kennington, London

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Charles Spurgeon preaching in the Royal Surrey GardensOn Oct 10th, 1858, Charles Spurgeon preached this message in the Royal Surrey Gardens, in Kennington, London.

I realize that post-modern emergents, will not appreciate the following two observations.

1) This location was not at a church building. Spurgeon often preached out into the open-air, in public places like these gardens. Some of these open-air preaching outreaches, eventually turned into regular church services (As did Spurgeon’s church, which later grew in numbers, hence moving into this location.)

2) Spurgeon did not have amplification. Therefore, he preached loudly, and yes sometimes he even shouted.

“Folks, we must repent from our westernized churchianity. Just because we live in the postmodern era, does not mean that we have to be post-moderns. Rather than assimilating to this liberal, emergent, progressive church movement. We must go back in time, and back to non-contemporary sermons.” Bill Rhetts – IPOC Ministries

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