Video of a ‘church’ that evangelizes on Halloween night by being ‘friendly,’ but with no Gospel

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What an interesting night. I evangelized our downtown, via preaching the Gospel, distributing tracts & engaged in some constructive conversations. As I was walking towards a larger crowd, I noticed a ‘church’ having a Halloween celebration outside. I walked throughout their event, and observed that it was absent Christ and His Gospel. I identified myself to one of the churchman working the event. I asked them if they share the Gospel. He advised “no”, that they are “friendly” to them and “love” them with “hot dogs and candy.”

We spoke for a few minutes, but I saw all the people in need of the Gospel (at a church event). I have preached outside a couple mosques, but I have never preached outside a Christian ‘church’ building. Thou I know some are led to do this, I have not yet done so – until last night. I could not hold back, and started ‘crying out’ to the crowd (on the outside).

Their Sr Pastor approached me saying, “I’m a Reverend… I’m ordained…,” as he moved me away. I told him that there’s only One reverend, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. He then accused me of “assaulting” the people. He then started talking about how assaulting works “psychologically.”

Long story short, we ended up having a lengthy debate. He pulled the you’re “judging” card, (Matt 7 out of context). Then came more false accusations. When I compared his ‘church’ event to Rick Warren vs the Scriptures, he angrily defended Warren.

We are living in times where ‘evangelism’ is becoming more and more man-centric, rather than Gospel-centric & Christ-centric.

Some of you might ask me WWJD? Brethren remember the Lords seven letters to those seven churches in Revelation? Five out of those seven churches received stern rebukes from the Lord Jesus. As I’ve said before –

“Ever notice how an increase of local ‘churches’ are using seeker-sensitive gimmicks to attract children, in hopes to gather membership? For example celebrating Halloween in a way that provides “alternatives” for children. Or renting inflatable jumpers, so their communities’ kids can play at their ‘church.’ Or for adults, holding hot rod shows at ‘church’ etcetera. The words consumerism and church are incongruous. Consumerism belongs in businesses, the chamber of commerce, and advertising agencies; not in the Lord’s church. Kellogg’s uses promotional toys on the outside and inside of each box of cereal, in hopes to capture the attention of children, in hopes that their parents will buy the cereal. The ‘church’ ought not to use the same consumer-driven gimmicks.”

“It is a poor sermon that gives no offense; that neither makes the hearer displeased with himself nor with the preacher” — George Whitefield

Update 11-09-14: After this experience I thought I’d skim thru this pastors church Intel. I surfed thru their web site, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. I was wondering if I might have been too critical. I was not.

Thou it’s not in that edited video that I uploaded, this pastor told me that they did recently evangelize our famous Thursday night ‘Market Night.’ However according to their own post, their outreach did not share the Gospel, but they had “balloon painting,” and then the people were invited to their church.

Their woman’s “Bible study” is not using a Bible, but a Francis Chan book. That is not a ‘Bible’ study.

I listened to this pastors Sunday sermon (the following Sunday after this Halloween night). It was mostly about money, and guilt trips for owning things. He then took an offering (thou the Bible does speak clearly how money or possessions can be sinful).

They have a video from “Bethel Church” (The Jesus Culture) on their FB feed (very bad).
Their “youth pastor”, she ‘likes’ Heavy Metal” and Hillsong Music (according to her own FB page).

On their October 20, 2015 Facebook post, they posted the following. “Nothing is more exciting than the Halloween season in Redlands! We love how our city comes alive on this holiday, but for families with small children, it can be a little overwhelming. So we at The Mission Redlands are providing a safe, family friendly and super fun Halloween activity for all ages…”

“This fun event will include a Costume Contest and Parade with Prizes, Bouncers, Games, Food, Music, a Family Friendly Halloween Movie and of course CANDY! Don’t Miss It!…..”

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