Video of a ‘professing’ Christian distributing a Gospel tract, but only if he’s paid $100.00 in cash

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In this video this ‘professing’ Christian admits that he would only give a stranger a Gospel tract, if he were paid $100.00. After doing so, the producer rightfully rebukes him, and the subject seemingly admits he was guilty as charged.

I am seeing other Christians online comment that this man “repented” at the end. I do not believe this is a ‘Biblical repentance,’ because he did not give the money back (he never forsook his sin).

This video is evidence as to why I’m not a fan of other videos whereas Christians interview people about subjects such as abortion, and then later convince them to admit that abortion is wrong; and then they call it “repentance.” Repentance goes beyond an intellectual knowledge, or the changing of one’s mind.

I hope the producer shared both the ‘Law and Gospel’ with that subject, because I’m not sure he’s even saved. 1) He has no zeal for the lost, 2) he curses on camera, and 3) when asked how long he’s been a Christian (saved), he replies “all of my life I guess.” That’s three strikes for the subject.

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