Video of a street preacher getting slashed by knifeman (Warning profanities, viewer discretion advised)

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This reminds me of an incident that occurred in Riverside, when I and another Christian were swarmed by Satanists, and one of them wielded a large knife in a threatening manner. We called the police, and deployed an Acts 14:1-7 tactical retreat. But once we got safely in our vehicles, we cancelled the police response 🙂

But in this incident, the preacher does get slashed.

Once the preacher gets slashed, the two that administered first-aid, were homosexuals. But initially the lesbians were siding with the Satanists, while mocking the preaching. One of them says to the preacher, “Just so you know, I am gay, and I am a Christian.” Even knowing the preacher was in pain, and bleeding, he still had the presence of mind to correct her heresies.

While the homosexuals were lovingly administering first-aid, the preacher was lovingly ministering to them. This incident shows two different types of love. A worldly sensual tolerant love that the world loves, and a Christian love that exposes, warns, rebukes, and tells the truth.

Sadly there is a growing trend of ‘professing’ Christians and unbiblical churches teaching that you can be a “gay Christian.” Those two words are not synonymous, they are an oxymoron. I have two videos recently witnessing to practicing homosexuals that believe they are saved. Those videos can be seen here (video #1, and video #2).

Pray for, and support your street preachers. They are increasingly getting assaulted and arrested across the USA. They work in uncontrolled, unpredictable, unrehearsed, and sometimes even dangerous work environments.

DISCLAIMER: I did not film this video, nor was I present at this incident. IPOC Ministries makes an effort to share excerpts from various sermons (or videos), from various Christians. However, this does not mean that IPOC endorses all views of every person shared here.

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