Video of Armed Citizens Assisting Wounded Police Officer – Viewer discretion advised

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On January 8, 2023, at approx. 1830 hours, Reno Police officers received a radio call of a suspicious circs on Sky Valley Dr. Upon arrival, the call escalated from a possible battery investigation to a shooting. Officers then attempted to detain the suspects, but a shooting ensued. Two suspects were shot by police, but unfortunately, one sergeant was shot multiple times.   

Especially for larger cities like Los Angeles, this type of violence is common. However, what made this call so different, is armed citizens rose to the occasion to assist the officers. 

In this shooting, we have three people groups. 

  1. Bad guys with guns (criminals).
  2. Good guys and girls with guns (citizens).
  3. Police officers with guns.

The gun laws of this state did not protect these police officers or citizens. The first people group was already prohibited from being in possession of a firearm. 

This is yet more evidence that more gun restrictions or anti-gun laws are not needed. In fact, they are more harmful than helpful. In this case, the police were the first responders. But in most cases, the citizens are the true first responders. 

Less than one year ago we moved from the anti-gun communist state of California. I am thankful to now live in a state that is a carry concealed state, and Tennesseans are not required to obtain an unconstitutional CCW permit. 

Decades ago, while speaking in uniform at a church, I told the congregation “Criminals, they don’t play by the rules. But police officers are shackled by laws and treated like fools!” Today, as a citizen, we could replace the words “police officers” with citizens. 

Nonetheless, regardless of what state you live in, or what anti-gun laws you might be subjected to. Resist that unconstitutional tyranny, demonstrate the Christian reformed doctrine of Lessor Magistrate. Train hard, learn and practice firearm proficiency, safety, discipline, target acquisition, and shot placement; and carry concealed. 

The second people group (the good guys) should always be ready to be Sheep Dogs. And if you see a police officer (or any victim) in need, rise to the occasion.

Though it was not required. You will even hear one officer inquire if the good citizens were armed. That inquiry was consistent with the language of invoking posse comitatus.

Posse comitatus and semper reformanda!

Disclaimer: This video has profanity, please forgive me.

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