Video of Elevator Escalator Evangelism & Preaching in the Mall @ Christmas time (with music finale)

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Just a portion of an annual ongoing labor of love. Preaching Christ’s birth, death and resurrection at ‘Christmas’ time. Music purchased at iTunes – “Raising the Cross” by John Debney.

UPDATE: I no longer tell worldlings that “Jesus died for your sins.” Fact is I do not know whom Jesus will redeem, and whom He will not. His atonement was only for His church, and not for those that went to hell. I believed this then, but I was not fully demonstrating it in my evangelism. Henceforth I repented.

As Charles Spurgeon said, “If God had painted a yellow stripe up the backs of the elect, I’d go through London lifting up coats and preaching only to them. As it is, He has not, so I preach the Gospel to all, and God brings his sheep.”

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