Video of former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino speaks out against gun control, at the ‘Guns Across America Rally’ in Annapolis, MD

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2nd AmendmentDan, thank you very much for your well-spoken stand. We need more to do the same. Sadly the majority of elected sheriffs, and/or chiefs of police, either have not the courage to publicly defend the Bill of Rights; or they’re flat out against the 2nd Amendment.

As a law enforcement organization, IPOC supports the Bill of Rights. Moreover, we do cling to God, and His Holy Bible.

While doing so, we realize that if it weren’t for the 1st Amendment, we would not have the freedom to legally proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we currently do. If (when) it becomes illegal to preach Christ in America, IPOC will violate that law.

As I stated in my video on the ‘Sandy Hook elementary school shooting,’ our nation was built with four tools. An axe, a plow, a book, and a rifle. You can have my axe and my plow, but you’re not taking my Bible nor my rifle.

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