5-minute video of Francis Schaeffer explaining Interposition, and when to disobey the State

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In my recent teaching on the 53rd chapter of Isaiah, I twice spoke about “interposing,” one of which was in verse 1. Here is an excerpt from that sermon.

“Back to verse one, “Who has believed what he has heard from us? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?”

Verse 1b says “And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?”

This phrase “arm of the Lord” is a phrase that is used to interpose in human affairs, whereby God delivers His people, and punishes His foes.

The arm of the Lord displays and represents the mighty incarnate power of God, and that Jesus will either be your Deliverer, or your Destroyer.

The Hebrew word for this “arm of the Lord” is zerôa‛, which means the arm to be stretched-out like the foreleg of an animal, to be slain. It also means force, help, mighty power, and a shoulder. It also means a symbol of strength, a symbol of forces (both politically and militarily).

Now that we’ve examined His ‘arm,’ let’s examine the word ‘Lord.’ This Lord comes from the Hebrew word Yehôvâh, which means the Existing One, or thee Eternal One; It is also the Jewish national name of God…”

Years ago I was summoned by the F.B.I to testify in a Federal Grand Jury. The F.B.I. agent tried his best to discredit me in front of 24 jurors. The agent then asked me (in an accusatory tone), “Isn’t it true that you wrote an article, stating that you will obey Gods Word over mans law?” My response was “yes.”

Thankfully by God’s providence, that F.B.I. agent’s biased interrogation backfired on him. That same question was later asked in a ‘pre-trial hearing,’ for a Federal trial that I was later the Defendant in, and my answer again was “yes.”

In this video the late Francis Schaeffer says it best.

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