Video of my friend Ronnie being attacked while preaching at the March for Science in Seattle: Preacher hit from behind & Satanic Temple marching but THE LORD REIGNS! (Warning profanities)

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In the first 30 seconds you will see a Satanist wearing Easter bunny ears aggressively assault my friend Ronnie Cardiel. Take note that as soon as Ronnie recovers from this attack, he rejoices saying “Oh praise God, thank You Lord!” This is the book of Acts in action. Recover – Rejoice – and Regroup. This is a good example for other street preachers. This is Biblical love in action (Eph 5:1-21), and Biblical meekness (Matt 5:5 – power under restraint or control).

Moreover, you won’t see Ronnie on Facebook later crying “I’ve been persecuted.” I’ve seen one street preacher from my So Calif area consistently complain on Facebook, even to the point of crying “I’ve been persecuted,” when receiving a traffic citation from the police.

Brother Ronnie is a good example of Biblical manhood. Having said that, I would never be disappointed in a preacher that decides to tactically retreat, as I’ve done before (Acts 17:6-7).

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