Video of Pastor John MacArthur in studio with Ben Shapiro, discussing the role of the church vs the government, Christianity vs Judaism, abortion, slavery, homosexuality, the Church vs Israel, and Theology

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In this interview Dr. John MacArthur said many things that were quote worthy, and I agree with them; but I only typed out two.

When Shapiro asked MacArthur to explain “slavery” in the Bible, MacArthur accurately explains what Biblical slavery is, and what it is not. As my own Facebook profiles describes me as a δοῦλος. As MacArthur mentions the wrong type of slavery, perhaps we could replace that word ‘slavery’ (below) with any other sin. But we should be reminded that his below response comes with much exclusivity. MacArthur teaches this, but it did not come across that way here. That the “us” and the “our” in his response are exclusively for those that become saved, and not for the entire non-saved world. In other words, Christ’s particular atonement was limited to God’s elect only.

“But keep this in mind. There were probably seventy million slaves in the Roman Empire, during the life of Jesus. Jesus never tried to abolish slavery. If Jesus came to abolish slavery He failed. If the Apostle Paul came to abolish slavery he failed. If the rest of the Apostles agenda was to change the culture and knock off Cesare and wipe out slavery, they failed. If that’s true then Jesus went to the cross and said it is finished, but it wasn’t. He did not pull it off. But if He came to prevent us from going to hell forever, by burying our sins in His body on the cross, then He did accomplish His mission. That was His mission. Not to reconstruct the social order of the society.”

When asked how the Democrats might be offended by MacArthur’s views, MacArthur responds,

“My goal is to offend everyone. That is my initial goal. To tell you that you are without God in the world, that there’s only one Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. That you’re in sin. That sin brings death and punishment. But the good news is Jesus Christ is the Saviour, who’s provided a way for you to be forgiven, by burying your sins in His body on the tree, so that God’s justice is satisfied, and His love can be extended to you, by putting your trust in Christ. So I offend people all the time, because that’s necessary. If you try to develop a kind of Christianity that’s inoffensive, that’s not Christianity, that’s not the Gospel.”

Thank You Lord for orchestrating this, thank you MacArthur for going, and thank you Shapiro for inviting him; you have a wonderful studio.

Brethren, pray for Ben’s salvation. Ben needs salvation as much as Dennis Prager.

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